Lumen® 9006HLC-G7S - G7S LED Conversion Kit (9006 / HB4)

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G7S LED Conversion Kit (9006 / HB4) (9006HLC-G7S) by Lumen®. 1 Pair, 6500K, 4000lm (per kit). Add custom lighting to your vehicle that will also increase your driving safety. This Lumen LED Conversion Kit allows you to change the color of your lights to create head-turning custom effects, and with an output of 4000 lumens you also get a substantial increase in illumination, for improved roadway visibility on the darkest nights. This considerable upgrade in both custom style and brightness is easy to get because these bulbs are plug and play replacements for your standard bulbs – no modifications to your vehicle are necessary for installation. These LED bulbs are backed by a 5-year warranty and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours, so they’ll most likely be the last bulbs you’ll ever have to buy for your lights.


  • Since this bulb has a unique cooling structure and its back can be bigger than your factory one's, make sure that in the back of your light there is enough space for this bulb.


Socket: 9006 / HB4
Light intensity: 4000lm (per kit)
Color temperature: 6500K
Power: 50 Watts (per kit)
LED manufacturer: Philips
Voltage: DC12V-24V
Current: 2.0A±0.2A
Beam angle: 360º
Polarized: no
Bulb dimensions: 0.59"D x 1.97"D x 3.19"L
Replaces the following bulb types: 9006, 9006HP, 9006XS, HB4


  • (2) 9006 / HB4 LED Bulbs


Brilliant Illumination

Brilliant Illumination
Powerful LEDs provide 4000 lumens output, producing bright light that far exceeds the 1000-1500 lumen output typical of halogen bulbs, for increased visual field and distance visibility in darkness and gloom. Mirror face on bulb increases lux output for further improvement in illumination.

Custom Light Colors

Custom Light Colors
Included blue and yellow sleeves can be slipped over bulbs to customize headlight color and enhance vehicle appearance.

Longer Lifespan

Longer Lifespan
With no fragile filament and far less energy wasted generating heat, LEDs can last as much as 50 times longer than the typical halogen bulb’s 1000-2000 hour lifespan.

Cooler Operation

Cooler Operation
State-of-the-art thermal management technology is employed to effectively control heat within the LED bulb, ensuring continuous full lumens output.

Easy Plug and Play Installation

Easy Plug and Play Installation
These bulbs will fit into the same socket and connect to the same wiring connector as your original bulbs. No modifications to your vehicle are necessary for installation. Adjustable beam angle allows beam to be optimized for headlight assembly.

CAN-Bus Compatible

CAN-Bus Compatible
Built-in load resistors prevent error messages on modern vehicles with CAN-Bus systems.

Outstanding Quality

Outstanding Quality
Thoroughly tested for durability, shock resistance, and dependable operation in any kind of weather, these bulbs have an IP67 rating for resistance to intrusion of moisture and dirt.

Backed by a 5-year warranty

Backed by a 5-year warranty
This warranty does not apply to any products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect, improper installation, or alterations.

Elevating your vehicle’s WOW factor and upgrading its functionality doesn’t have to be incompatible - you can easily do both with Lumen’s G7S LED Conversion Kit. The G7S LED bulbs output 4000 lumens, far more than the 1000 to 1500 lumens typically produced by halogen bulbs, plus the mirror face on each bulb increases the lux output for an even further improvement in illumination. The dim light from standard halogen bulbs can leave objects obscured in the darkness, to the detriment of your driving safety, but with the brilliant illumination from these Lumen LED bulbs you’ll be able to see further ahead so you can easily spot vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles in the distance, and also widen your visual field to reveal vehicles and pedestrians advancing from the sides. And if you want to change the blueish-white color produced by the G7S bulbs, Lumen includes color sleeves that easily slip over each bulb to create cool blue or warm yellow custom lighting effects that will transform the appearance of your vehicle.

Some light upgrades on the market provide illumination that is only a marginal improvement, and the slight upgrade in performance usually comes at the expense of reduced bulb life. There are also elaborate conversions that are expensive and involve complicated installation. And neither type allows any light color customization. In contrast, superior illumination is just a plug and play installation away with the Lumen G7S LED Conversion Kit. With these Lumen LED bulbs you get easy fitment, long lifespan, and custom color options. They install directly into the housing sockets of your lights and attach to the factory wiring connectors. No rewiring or modifications are required, and they’ll operate at full intensity for 50,000 hours or more. Plus, the beam angle on each bulb is adjustable, so you can optimize the beam for your particular light assemblies.

Along with exceptional lighting performance you can also count on premium quality construction. These bulbs are impervious to shock and vibration, and feature effective heat dissipation. Their IP67 ingress protection rating indicates complete protection from the intrusion of dust, and resistance to the ingress of water when submerged up to a depth of one meter, so they’re ready to take on any kind of weather. Modern thermal management techniques ensure reliability by controlling operating temperature so the bulbs can deliver their full intensity hour after hour, unlike other LED bulbs that operate with reduced brightness when they heat up. You don’t have to choose between impressive lighting performance that makes driving safer, and eye-catching custom lighting effects, because with the Lumen G7S LED Conversion Kit you get it all.

Lumen® began with offering lighting equipment for commercial applications and attributes its success to focusing on the latest technology, understanding customer needs, and thinking creatively. Lumen has always sought to be on the cutting edge of lighting technology and offer products that make the impossible become possible. Today Lumen is a premiere producer of LED replacement bulbs that upgrade the performance of every light in your vehicle - from small warning light indicators to daytime running lights. Unlike many inferior LED bulbs that interfere with communications between lighting control modules and main engine control computers in modern vehicles, Lumen LED bulbs are fully compatible with all CAN Bus data systems. Our website is proud to offer you the Lumen family of LEDs, and we do so with the assurance that comes only after our own employees have tested them extensively in their own vehicles. When you want impressive lighting in colorful choices for your car or truck that uses less energy, Lumen is the only name you need to know.

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Lumen® 9006HLC-G7S - G7S LED Conversion Kit (9006 / HB4)
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5 of 5
Extremely Bright
Lumen® 9006HLC-G7S - G7S LED Conversion Kit (9006 / HB4)
So far I am very satisfied with this purchase. These are beyond expectations in brightness. As stated in product description the back is slightly larger and custom modifications need to be made to ensure that water does not get into head light housing if you live in extremely wet climate. I too had some flickering as others described but I zip tied up the converter in the rear that was bouncing around and have not had that issue since.
Posted by Landon (Helena, MT) / January 09, 20232010 Subaru Forester
They're super bright and work incredibly well. Even with the campus though they do flicker a little bit when turning them off.
Posted by Chris (Cary, IL) / May 29, 20211998 Chevy Tahoe
5 of 5
Awesome Buy!
Lumen® 9006HLC-G7S - G7S LED Conversion Kit (9006 / HB4)
Worth EVERY penny!
Posted by Jennifer (Chestertown, MD) / April 08, 20201999 Chevy Tahoe
4 of 5
Slow Delivery Time
Lumen® 9006HLC-G7S - G7S LED Conversion Kit (9006 / HB4)
I ordered this product 3 weeks ago and I apparently just shipped. I ordered the high beam and low beam led conversion kits, as well as a new mirror and headlight housing (I received the mirror and housing) still have not gotten my high beam or low beam led conversion kits. The mirror and housings are phenomenal though.
Posted by Travis (Pilot Rock, OR) / January 19, 20192006 Scion tC
5 of 5
Lumen® 9006HLC-G7S - G7S LED Conversion Kit (9006 / HB4)
I purchased some Lumen LED 7 kit for my 95 Toyota Camry as a Christmas present in 2017. I had them installed today. No problem they were strictly plug and go. They are beautiful! Brilliant and much better than the old halogen lamps. I did get a new set of headlamp buckets so they are clear and beautiful. Thanks for making such a great product available.
Posted by Dave (Affton, MO) / May 04, 20181995 Toyota Camry
4 of 5
Really Great Lights
Lumen® 9006HLC-G7S - G7S LED Conversion Kit (9006 / HB4)
I love these lights. Should have done this years ago. I was never happy with the stock halogen lights on my Honda. These new lights are an unbelievable improvement. Installing on the passenger side is very difficult, but that has nothing to do with the bulbs. Driver's side was easy. Expensive, in comparison, but really worth it.
Posted by Else (Port Townsend, WA) / January 02, 20182008 Honda Civic

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