As a leader in the tuning industry, JET Performance Products manufactures a variety of accessories that increase the performance of various vehicles but are most renowned for their performance chips that can dramatically improve torque and horsepower gains. By any yardstick JET is a favorite in the performance aftermarket industry, and now operates out of a state of the art facility in Huntingdon Beach, California.


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      Throttle Body by JET®. JET Performance has created the new Powr-Flo throttle bodies for the most popular late model GM vehicles. The Powr-Flo increases air flow and improves throttle response, which equates to more power, faster,...
      High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
      $329.96 - $359.96
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      # sp8955
      V-Force Plus Performance Programmer by JET®. The JET V-Force Plus features the same power tuning technology found in JET’s performance modules/programmers. The JET V-Force Plus is an inline tuning device that uses a...
      Improve horsepower and throttle responseOptimized ignition advance curves
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      Thermostat by JET®. Jet Low-Temp Thermostats increase horsepower and control engine temp by consistently metering water flow throughout the engine instead of simply cycling open/close, which in OE units creates temperature spikes.
      Designed to reduce engine temperature and produce more horsepowerMade from stainless steel
      $14.96 - $55.46
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      Computer Chip by JET®. Performance chips/modules from JET will improve the performance of your car or truck with very little work. Perfect for vehicles with little or no modifications, they're programmed for power increases under...
      Offers The Most Horsepower AvailableProvides Exclusive Full Range DST Programming
      $121.49 - $299.96
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      EZ-Tune Programmer by JET®. EZ Tune Programmer is the economy version of the full Performance Programmer and is designed for the driver who only wants to change engine tuning and does not want to change transmission shifting, shift...
      User friendly programming procedureRead and clear factory diagnostic trouble codes (turn off check engine light)
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      Power Control Module by JET®. JET Performance Products’ tuning module gives your primary driver the boost it needs to perform better, tow better, do 0-60 faster and still keep it a bit cheaper at the pump using lower-grade fuels....
      Add Up To 25 HorsepowerPlug-In Installation
      $242.96 - $250.46
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      Fuel Pressure Regulator by JET®. Installed product is non-returnable. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed usig state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet...
      Designed to adjust fuel pressure for maximum efficiencyMachined out of billet aluminum
      $86.21 - $110.21
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      Mass Air Flow Sensor by JET®. Installed product is non-returnable.
      Increase Horsepower And Low End TorqueImproved Mileage
      $149.96 - $337.49
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      Coolant Fan Switch by JET®. Installed product is non-returnable. Turn on a vehicle's fan at a lower temperature than stock for improved performance. Cooler operating temps increase horsepower & longevity. JET's fan switch turns on...
      Designed to turn on the vehicle's cooling fan at a lower temperatureIncreases horsepower
      $46.46 - $66.71
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      Computer Aided Gear Selector by JET®. The JET Skip Shift eliminates the annoying factory first to fourth gear “skp shift” or Computer Aided Gear Selector (C.A.G.S.) feature on the newer GM 6 speed manual transmissions....
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      Designed for the performance enthusiast who wants total control of their vehicle's programming, the JET Dynamic Spectrum Tuner is a powerful tuning package. JET’s DST software provides you with the tools needed for precise...
      Fuel parameters including power enrichment and volumetric efficiencyIgnition tables including spark advance versus load, knock retard and more
      $399.99 - $524.99
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      Speedometer Calibrator by JET®. JET Performance Accu-Speed interacts with the vehicle speed sensor on late model GM, Ford, Dodge, and Jeep trucks and SUVs. It connects to the transmission to allow shift point adjustment and...
      Designed to modify speed sensor output readingsConnects to the transmission output speed sensor
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      Throttle Body Spacer by JET®. Installed product is non-returnable. JET Performance Powr-Flo Throttle Body Spacers were designed using the latest aerospace technology along with JET's 35 plus years of engineering fuel systems for...
      Increased Mid-Range Horsepower And TorqueImproved Throttle Response/Increased Fuel Economy
      $59.99 - $122.99
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      Air Temperature Relocator by JET®. JET Inlet Air Temperature Relocator Kit will relocate your vehicle's inlet air temperature sensor to a cooler location in the air intake stream, in order to ensure a cooler air charge and increase...
      $44.96 - $59.96
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      Engine Pulley Kit by JET®. JET Performance Underdrive Pulley Kits are manufactured from 1-piece billet aluminum. They will give you an additional 10-13 hp by reducing the drag placed your vehicle's engine to drive accessories such...
      Adds 10-30 HorsepowerIncreased Fuel Economy
      $128.99 - $374.96
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      Engine Crankshaft Pulley by JET®. The JET Underdrive Pulley Set reclaims lost horsepower and mileage by reducing the drag placed on the engine to drive accessories like air conditioning, power steering, and water pump. JET Pulleys...
      $123.75 - $442.46
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      Universal Fuel Filter by JET®. Fuel Filter will perfectly meet your expectations and enhance your life with JET accessories.
      Manufactured from premium materialsDesigned to strict quality standards
      $21.71 - $74.96
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      Universal Fan Switch by JET®. Turn on a vehicle's fan at a lower temperature than stock for improved performance. Cooler operating temps increase horsepower & longevity. JET's fan switch turns on at approximately 195° and shuts...
      Designed to turn on the vehicle's cooling fan at a lower temperatureIncreases horsepower
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      Mass Air Flow Sensor Conversion Kit by JET®. JET Powr-Flo Mass Airflow Sensors will increase your engine's horsepower, low-end torque, and mileage by replacing the restrictive stock MAF sensor which limits your aftermarket cold air...
      Increase Horsepower And Low End TorqueImproved Mileage
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      Universal Heavy Duty Fuel Pressure Regulator Diaphragm by JET®. JET Performance Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators allow adjusting fuel pressure for maximum efficiency and horsepower gains. Regulators feature a steel insert on the...
      Heavy Duty Fuel Pressure Regulator DiaphragmReplacement For PN[61510]/Stock Regulator Housing
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      Universal ORB Fitting by JET®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by JET features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet or...
      Manufactured from premium materialsDesigned to strict quality standards

    About 45 years ago, JET started off as a simple engine building and carburetor shop that specialized in drag racing applications. At the time, it ran its own drag cars and held records in various classes too. As the years went by however, the shop gradually became known as the 'go to' place to get a carburetor tuned the right way. To tap into this market, the company was renamed as the Mike Jones Carburetion and in 1985, Mike Jones decided to sell off the business to Bryant Seller, who was looking for a company that he could use as his tuning shop while developing new products.

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    Under Bryant, the name of the business was changed to JET Performance Products and the first JET performance chips were released for General Motors applications. Considering at the time the aftermarket performance industry was in a bit of a slump, with the release of new computer-controlled fuel injection systems, Bryant's efforts to develop a chip that boosted its performance was definitely revolutionary. Since then, JET has expanded upon its offering and now includes over 30,000 applications for domestic, import, and marine use.

    • JET® - Performance Chip on Hyundai Genesis
    • JET® - Performance Chip on Ford Mustang
    • JET® - Performance Programmer on Ford Mustang
    • JET® - Performance Chip on Chevy Camaro Z28
    • JET® - Performance Tuner on Ford Mustang
    • JET® - Performance Chip on Volkswagen Polo
    • JET® - Power Programmer on Ford Mustang
    • JET® - Power Control Module on Ford Mustang
    • JET® - Engine Performance Chip on Ford Mustang
    • JET® - Performance Chip on Mercedes SLR
    • JET® - Performance Computer Chip on Ford Mustang
    • JET® - Performance Chip on Dodge Challenger

    Today, JET Performance Products include a variety of different performance chips, modules, and programmers, as well as various performance accessories and performance carburetors too. Depending on the type of application, a different sort of modification may be required, but suffice to say amongst all of these options JET can safely fulfill any and all needs. For some of their products, software updates are rolled out from time to time, and for discerning customers who require parts tuned to certain specifications, custom performance parts are also available to order.

    By fine-tuning the torque and horsepower that vehicles are able to provide, the improvements that any JET power control module or JET performance programmer can offer are nothing less than stunning. Contrary to popular belief, utilizing JET aftermarket parts will not void any vehicle manufacturer warranty and all the emissions any JET performance module or chip produces are completely legal too. There are few other tuning companies that hold a candle to the comprehensive applications that JET can provide, and even less that can claim the sort of results that it has consistently been able to produce with its performance parts.

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    Great Product!
    This is my 2nd Jet MAF sensor to use. As of now, I am very happy and satisfied on how my car is running.
    WPosted by William (Little Rock, AR) / December 1, 2016
    2013 Honda Accord
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