Volkswagen Bug Shields & Deflectors

    About Volkswagen Bug Deflectors

    Volkswagen is one of the biggest auto companies in the world, and is best known for the distinct design and great performance of its cars. This company is based in Germany and features dozens of unique models in its inventory. Although Volkswagen cars never lack a sense of style, you can make it even better by getting an accessory. This can be something big or small, intended for a certain part of your car or for a whole section. As a rule, accessories serve a basic purpose, such as improving the performance, speed, appearance, comfort, or safety of a vehicle. While getting a part with one purpose is great, buying a multi-purpose one like a Volkswagen bug deflector is even better.

    By definition, a bug deflector is a special panel that attaches to the hood of your car, altering air flow around your vehicle when you’re driving. Subsequently, whenever a small object comes flying at your windshield or hood, it is propelled upwards by the altered air current, landing safely far from the vehicle. Besides the obvious benefit of convenience, you should also note that the bug deflectors we offer all have original styles that can give your Volkswagen just the flair and sleekness it needs to impress.

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