Pontiac Bug Shields & Deflectors

Pontiac has always been regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of sports-cars and super-stylish cars. It is true that the Pontiac automobile can be spotted from miles away - that’s how much it stands out from the rest of the vehicles. Once it gets closer to you, you can get a better view of the stylish exterior and comfortable interior. But what if that stylish exterior is splattered with dead bugs and damaged by pebbles? The whole exotic and luxurious look disappears in the blink of an eye.

An obvious solution for this problem is a Pontiac bug deflector. This is an accessory that will prevent bugs, pebbles, road debris, and other small things from crashing into your windshield. All of the Pontiac bug deflectors sold at CARiD (and it should be noted that there is a huge variety of them) are manufactured by world renowned brands, such as Weathertech, AVS, GTS, Lund, and Wade. Thus, when you buy from us, you are guaranteed a top-quality product. Whether you own a sporty Pontiac Firebird, a practical Pontiac Aztec, or a sleek Pontiac Firesun, you will find a perfect bug deflector at CARiD.com. All you need to do is choose your automobile’s make, model, and year, and take your pick from the many great deflectors available for your car.

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The idea behind bug deflectors is that by creating a stream of air upwards across the hood of your vehicle, that air will carry bugs past your windshield and protect it from being hit. Mounting a small, angled deflector on the front of your vehicle creates this airstream effect and sets up a defense against bug splatter.