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    The engine is the power source of the vehicle. It is the force that gives it the power to move. However, the engine is not invincible. In order to function properly, it needs to be isolated and protected from the outside dangers. This is where the hood comes in. Whether the hood is an OEM hood or a custom one, its purpose remains the same – cover and protect the engine. Yet, a custom hood does a much better job than the regular hood. It is very tough, durable, and it can be outfitted with air vents.

    One of the biggest advantages the Mitsubishi Evolution custom hoods have over the factory-installed ones is that the custom hoods are a great deal more attractive. There are many interesting designs you can choose from. Plus, it is up to you to choose the color of the hood. You can choose a color to match the rest of your car, or you can free your inner artist and have the hood painted into a contrasting color of your choice. gives you that choice and that freedom to revolutionize your car’s appearance. So, browse through the many excellent Mitsubishi Evolution custom hoods and choose the one you like. If you have any concerns, our customer service is always ready to take your call and answer any questions you might have.

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    2008 Mitsubishi Evolution
    | Posted by | (Fort Worth, TX)

    Hood was of good quality we are a bodyshop and always order from car-id. You might need to go to a bodyshop for help with install to make sure it is alighned correctly.

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    Mitsubishi Evolution was available in the following models:
    Evolution • Evolution MR • Evolution RS • Evolution SE • Evolution GSR • Evolution MR Touring