Isuzu Amigo Cargo Liner

The Amigo is a great car for every day driving like going to work, shopping or taking the kids to school but it really comes into its element when you take it off the road. That means that it’s the perfect car for filling the trunk with supplies and camping equipment and heading to your favorite camping site for the weekend. However, the downside to this is the possibility of mess or damage occurring to your trunk which is something you want to avoid at all costs. Thankfully you can do that at a low cost with our cargo liners.

Each of our cargo liners is designed to fit your Amigo so that you won’t have to worry about them getting in your way while you load or unload the trunk. They’re available in a number of colors to suit your Amigo and you can choose from materials like luxurious carpet or even a see through liner that still offers you the same protection. They can protect from things like dirt, sand, water or even chemicals which means that your trips just became that much less dangerous for your trunk!

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Many cargo areas are lined with a non-woven material that has excellent properties for collecting dirt and is just about impossible to clean. A custom fit liner covers every crevice of the cargo area, making sure that nothing falls to the side of the liner. Whichever cargo liner you choose, it will almost certainly be a great improvement over the original cargo...