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If you live in the desert or anywhere else where there is a lot of sun, your dashboard is exposed to sunlight and UV rays and absorbs tons of heat. You have surely noticed that after staying in the sun for a long time, your dash gets so hot that you can fry eggs on it. You must know that sun rays and extreme temperatures lead to your dashboard's fading and cracking, and a bleached dash will definitely ruin the interior look of your Ford Probe. We at know how to preserve your dashboard tidy and bright or hide the faded dash surface.

In our online store, we have various dash covers crafted specifically for your Ford Probe. Made by the flagship names, such as Dash Designs, DashMat, Coverlay, Coverking, and others, the dash mats we offer come in different materials, including suede, velour, carpet, and plastic, and colors, including blue, gray, black, and red. The installation of a dash mat is very easy and quick, and it will precisely fit every contour of your dashboard. If you have any questions, you can talk to our online consultants 24 hours a day.

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