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Phoenix-based DashMats is a daughter company of automotive supplier Covercraft, which leads the industry's sales of car covers, seat covers, floor mat, and cargo management products. Phoenix's extreme sunshine is what inspired an Air Force retiree to develop the first DashMat in 1979. With over 50 collective years of experience in the industry, the DashMats design team's attention to detail produces the industry's best-fitting dashboard covers.

A luxurious DashMat is the perfect way to help your car retain its value over the years, UV light and the extreme interior heat from degrading the soft vinyl fabric used to cover your dash. The UV degrades the plastic directly, while the extreme heat forces the volatile plasticizers used in the vinyl to migrate out. Both of these processes make the vinyl brittle and prone to cracking. Besides, you can add a custom machine-stitched embroidered logo to your DashMat.

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The Original DashMat and the UltiMat are made from eco-conscious Foss Fibre®. This modern miracle fabric is made from discarded and recycled PET plastic soda bottles, which are melted down and spun into thread. This material is so durable that DashMats made from this fiber carry a limited lifetime warranty. In addition, DashMats starts out the design of a new style of dash cover by actually acquiring a complete dashboard to put in their design studio.

The highly experienced designers then cut, fit, and redo the pattern until it fits perfectly. The fabric, with its layers of backing and reinforcement, is then cut, molded and stitched. Installation is simple: unroll the mat from the packaging and let it lay flat, preferably overnight, to allow any residual curl to flatten out. While that's happening, it's time to clean the dashboard vinyl surface of any dirt, spilled soda, dog drool or greasy fingerprints. Use a mild soap and water, and rinse well to leave the surface as uncontaminated as possible. If you're fond of using protectants that leave a slick, shiny surface, you'll need to use some rubbing alcohol and a fresh piece of paper towel to get the protectant off the vinyl. Prefit the DashMat to the interior. You may need to use a pencil or a wooden paint stick to tuck the forward edge into the gap at the base of the front window. Your DashMat will come with a couple of strips of hook and loop fastener: cut these into 1'' strips and apply them to the dash panel at some strategic points to keep the DashMat from moving around.

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2008 Volkswagen Beetle
| Posted by | (Indianapolis, IN)

This product looks really great on my wife's ride. Delivery was way ahead of schedule and she loves it! Thank you! CB.

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