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We at know for sure that shopping is not the easiest thing in the world. That is why, we try to make your shopping experience on our website pleasant. If you plan to purchase a dash cover for your Ford Freestyle, in our virtual store, you will find all types of dash mats with the colorful images and detailed descriptions. So, don't hold back and begin to browse our online catalog.

Suede and velour, plastic and carpet, with a logo or without it – we are sure that at you will discover the perfect dash mat for your Ford. If you want your dashboard to have a luxury look, we advise you to buy a velour or suede dash cover, for instance, by DashMat or Coverking. If you are seeking for a more practical dash cover, choose a polycarpet dash cover by Coverking or by Dash Designs. It doesn't matter what dash mat you will choose, we guarantee that its quality will be premium. Plus, our dash mats are quickly installed and will precisely fit your dashboard. With the help of a dash mat, you will protect your dash surface from fading and cracking and hide all scratches on it.

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