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    You probably take your parts purchases quite seriously. As the owner of a limited-release Dodge Stealth, nobody can blame you for being conscientious. Your exhaust system needs to become #1 priority when a problem develops, as it not only keeps the car running quiet, it's also integral in helping your Stealth make horsepower and torque, along with eliminating excess hydrocarbons and other dangerous gases before they exit the rear of the car. It's often desireable to have a sports car with a healthy, powerful tone to the exhaust, but a leaky exhaust just makes it sound terrible!

    We can offer you a great variety of solid OE-quality replacement parts for your Stealth's exhaust system. Take a quick look at the deal you'll get when you purchase a Bosal Header Pipe from us: The Bosal component is made to OE spec, includes two quality flex-pipes, O2 install hole (threaded), stock hanger point, three quality flanges welded on, and made from factory-quality steel. This part will maintain the integrity of your exhaust, give you the same power curve as the dealer part, and bolts right up to the existing equipment just as you'd expect it to. If you're looking for another part, take a look inside. Parts list is updated daily!

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    Dodge Stealth was available in the following models:
    Base • ES • R/T • R/T Turbo