Dodge Shadow Performance Exhausts

About Dodge Shadow Performance Exhaust Systems

Increase the efficiency of your Dodge Shadow with a custom exhaust system from CARiD. Built with performance as the end result, these custom exhausts work to boost the flow of exhaust gases, ensuring that power generated from the engine is not used to carry out this task. Compare this to the stock exhaust system, whose shape and size limits the velocity of exhaust flow at any given time, leading to high levels of backpressure in the system and lowering horsepower. By contrast, a custom exhaust system lowers this backpressure to the appropriate level, increasing horsepower in the process. Pick an exhaust system designed for your specific Dodge Shadow model and trim in order to ensure a perfect fit and eliminate installation complications. Direct replacement Dodge Shadow exhausts from MagnaFlow, Borla, Gibson, and Flowmaster give 10-20% additional horsepower, and an equal amount of torque.

Custom exhaust systems boost the fuel efficiency of the Dodge Shadow. You will enjoy up to 2mpg extra, a value that adds up to greater savings the more you drive. You only make a one-time purchase where our custom exhausts are concerned because they last years. They do not break down, hence eliminating repair expenses; neither do they malfunction suddenly as to warrant a replacement. Buying one is therefore a wise economic choice. Most Dodge Shadow custom exhaust systems have a deep, aggressive growl. Not all are loud though, and you will find an exhaust that gives your car the engine note you desire. CARiD have made it their responsibility to detail how each Dodge Shadow exhaust sounds as accurately as possible, so you know exactly what you are getting when you buy one.

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