Dodge Ram Wood Grain Dash Kits

From OEM Factory-Match Wood to the highest quality Molded 3D Kits in the land, Dodge Ram Wood Grain takes the spotlight at Real Woods, Real Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Aluminum, and Synthetic Woods round out our selection to give your Ram the interior boost it needs to keep the game going. Our Dodge Ram Wood Grain comes to you from the most skilled designers in the industry. That not only means a precise OEM fitment to each and every contour on your dash, but also the unflinching durability to go the distance. A Lifetime Warranty completes the package. The best part? Your new Dodge Ram Wood Dash is a simple “peel & stick” installation that adheres with might thanks to auto-grade 3M tape. No bolting, screwing, or cutting. This immediate upgrade is perfect for the road-stomper who knows what class looks like. Click on your Model Year above to make it happen ASAP.

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Molded vs Flat Dash KitsMolded vs Flat Dash Kits
There are two types of dashboard kits available on the market today: flat and molded. The difference between these two is based on the shape of the dashboard a vehicle has. Some cars are coming out with a flat panel while others have a board that is curved around the edges or in 3D shapes. Correspondingly, molded dash kits are suitable for the latter kind of the...
Installing a dash kit is not that difficult. It is in fact quite easy if you just observe a couple of key points. Most important of all is cleaning the surfaces destined for beautification. Before you start peeling off the protective liner from the adhesive, you should “Dry fit” all the pieces. Wear rubber gloves when you apply the adhesive promoter, so you...
Many people think that the genuine material always is better than materials imitating other materials. Even if the real wood is encased in plastic materials it cannot be completely isolated from the environment. Modern synthetic wood materials are so similar to the original that it takes the eye of a true expert to tell them apart.
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2001 Dodge Ram
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