Dodge Durango Trailer Hitches

The Dodge Durango is a great vehicle to use in order to haul large items from place to place. This particular vehicle is durable, strong and can withstand trailer hitches of a higher class – whether you want to haul cargo, trailers, motorcycles, items or automobiles. The higher the class of trailer hitch you use, the more weight it can carry. For instance, a class 5 trailer hitch has a weight capacity that reaches 10,000 lbs. A class 1 on the other hand has a weight capacity that reaches 2,000 lbs. Each class has a different weight which allows you to figure out what class you need. The Trailer Hitch by Warn Trans4men is black and if used on the front of your Durango, ensures stability during the drive. Buy an accompanying Grille Guard to ensure maximum security during use. If you’re planning to haul automobile, trailer or heavy equipment in high quantities, try the Class 3 / Class 4 Square Trailer Hitch by Hidden Hitch. This hitch has a carrying capacity of 5000 lbs with a tongue that weighs 500 lbs. This hitch is strong and durable enough to haul a vehicle as far as you need it to, which is great for cross country moving.

Check out the Dodge Durango Class 3 Max-Frame Trailer Hitch by Draw-Tite. This hitch also has a weight carrying capacity of 5000 lbs and a tongue of 500 lbs. Trailer hitches make moving large boats, cars, machinery and even horses a simple task. They’re great for farm owners who have to move their equipment around constantly or business owners with a lot of product that needs to be distributed. CARiD stocks this entire variety of Dodge Durango trailer hitches and more. As long as you have a trailer hitch that works for your car, a hitch receiver that goes to your particular hitch and the item you need moved, you’ll be on your way in no time.

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    • CURT® Trailer Hitch
      (153 reviews)
      # 663
      Trailer Hitch by CURT®. These receiver hitches allow you to add a hitch receiver to replace the factory bumper ball mount. This means the hitch ball and its ball mount can be removed and stowed when not trailering. It also allows...
      $20.01 - $266.00
    • CURT® Towing Wiring Harness
      (26 reviews)
      # 7830
      Towing Wiring Harness by CURT®. This provides all you need to connect a trailer to the tow vehicle. Generous length allows plenty of wire. Female end is for tow vehicle, male end for trailer. You can cut it to appropriate length to...
      $9.43 - $223.24
    • Pro Series® Trailer Hitch
      (22 reviews)
      # 932
      Trailer Hitch by Pro Series®. A sturdy hitch from Pro Series is engineered and built from the ground up to fit your vehicle perfectly, and allow you to tow safely and easily.
      $41.34 - $151.38
    • CURT® Front Trailer Hitch
      (5 reviews)
      # 664
      Front Trailer Hitch by CURT®. These receiver hitches allow you to add a hitch receiver to replace the factory bumper ball mount. This means the hitch ball and its ball mount can be removed and stowed when not trailering. It also...
      $21.96 - $226.03
    • Tow Ready® T-One Connector Assembly
      (14 reviews)
      # 935
      T-One Connector Assembly by Tow Ready®. T-One Connectors require no splicing of wires. Simply locate your vehicles wiring harness connector, unplug the connection and insert the T-Connector into the vehicle's harness. No special...
      $11.29 - $80.40
    • Hidden Hitch® Trailer Hitch
      (95 reviews)
      # 929
      Trailer Hitch by Hidden Hitch®. Hidded Hitch is the premium trailer hitch manufacturer in the towing field. A sturdy hitch from Hidded Hitch is engineered and built from the ground up to fit your vehicle perfectly, and allow you to...
      $37.22 - $212.56
    • Draw-Tite® Trailer Hitch
      (96 reviews)
      # 923
      Trailer Hitch by Draw-Tite®. A sturdy hitch from Draw-Tite is engineered and built from the ground up to fit your vehicle perfectly, and allow you to tow safely and easily.
      $37.22 - $266.80
    • Reese® Trailer Hitch
      (11 reviews)
      # 930
      Trailer Hitch by Reese®. Install a trailer hitch between the frame rails of your truck, whether it's a stake truck, service body, pickup or motorhome. These are custom installations, and may require welding, additional parts like...
      $41.34 - $665.14
    • Westin® Trailer Hitches
      (1 reviews)
      # 5049
      Westin's Receiver Hitches feature a round tube design, with some applications featuring a square tube design based on specific allowances or limitations. All feature a Westin quality textured black powder coat finish to match...
      $89.28 - $170.35
    • Draw-Tite® Front Trailer Hitch
      (2 reviews)
      # 7154
      Front Trailer Hitch by Draw-Tite®. Add a hitch receiver to the front of your truck. The receiver is handy for all sorts of accessories, from steps to winches to license plates and more.
      $107.53 - $196.80
    • Hopkins® Impulse™ Digital Brake Control
      (1 reviews)
      # 2863
      Impulse™ Digital Brake Control by Hopkins®. Designed for ultimate convenience and safety, the brake control solves the problem of inconvenient mounting, out of reach controls and difficult to see displays of traditional brake...
      $14.38 - $78.84
    • CARR® HD Universal Hitch Step
      (16 reviews)
      # 1244
      HD Universal Hitch Step by CARR®. Give your truck a distinctive custom touch and get complete and easy cargo access with this heavy-duty step. Specially designed non-slip tread pattern ensures safe and effective use, while unique...
    • Hopkins® Towing Wiring Harnesses
      (6 reviews)
      # 2849
      Towing Wiring Harnesses by Hopkins®. Unplug your vehicle's factory wiring harness and plug in a Hopkins vehicle wiring harness. That's how easy trailer wiring is with a Plug-In-Simple! wiring kit, featuring Exact OEM Fit connectors...
      $13.16 - $95.40
    • CARR® Mega Hitch Step
      (0 reviews)
      # 6356
      Mega Hitch Step by CARR®. It's not that easy to reach certain areas on trucks or SUVs, but not with this heavy-duty step. It ensures safe and easy access to the vehicle, and is designed to fit all 2'' and 2-1/2'' trailer hitches....
    • CURT® Brake Control Harness Bulk Quick Plug
      (1 reviews)
      # 7152
      Brake Control Harness Bulk Quick Plug by CURT®. Wiring adapter to connect OEM brake controller wiring on vehicle to electric brake controller. 2' wire, protective sleeve.
      $3.40 - $150.00

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    1998 Dodge Durango | Posted by Johnny | (Culpeper, VA)

    Pro series is great I had on 20 min love time save and easy to remove

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