Chevy Colorado Light Covers

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    2012 Chevy Colorado
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    "I was looking into touching up my truck a bit & let the color (blue) shine through. I had the idea of getting these smoked out headlight covers. I have tented windows & blk rims... and boy did this do the trick!!! lol. I'm very impressed with the look and my intentions for my vehicle are exactly what I hoped & more. The sleek look is so great and it's like I was missing the final piece to a puzzle. The price is fair & the end result is well worth it. Sometimes i just stare for minutes @ a time with the way they look on my truck (I know my fellas can relate). Very thankful to this site and couldn't give more of a positive review... thx!!!"

    2010 Chevy Colorado
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    "Look great on the Canyon, but I thought they would clip over my tail lights, but they don't. You can see a bit of red from the tail light around the edges, so they look like light covers, but that's why I like them because I can take them on and off."