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The GTS company philosophy is "Quality begins with great design". It's easy to see proof of this when you see GTS body styling components installed on a vehicle. Whatever the part may be, a headlight cover, a hood deflector. Furthermore, when you study GTS components closely you can see styling flairs and details in every part that you just don't see in some competitors' products.

GTS stylists design each part for the specific vehicle, to make sure the part enhances and accentuates the vehicle's design. They believe that body styling parts should blend with and complement the body's contours. But GTS components aren't just for dress up, they also have a practical side that provides protection. A light lens that becomes damaged can be expensive to replace. GTS light covers give your valuable lights a layer of impact resistant protection. Hoods and windshields are other areas that are assaulted by stones and other airborne debris.

Driving through harsh winds and driving rain can be challenging enough without becoming windblown and wet inside the cabin, but that's what will happen under such conditions even if you only crack your windows a bit. GTS window deflectors will allow you to drive with the windows partially lowered for fresh air comfort, while staying calm and dry, even under the worst weather conditions. Window deflectors also help keep your vehicle cool when it's parked in the hot sun, by allowing you to crack your windows to let interior heat escape.

  • GTS® - Tail Light Covers on Ford Shelby GT500
  • GTS® - Headlight Covers on Chevy Tahoe
  • GTS® - Headlight Covers on Dodge Challenger
  • GTS® - Tail Light Covers on Chevy Camaro
  • GTS® - Headlight Covers on Jeep Wrangler
  • GTS® - Tail Light Covers on Dodge Charger SRT8
  • GTS® - Headlight Covers on Dodge Charger
  • GTS® - Tail Light Covers on Chevy Corvette
  • GTS® - Tail Light Covers on Dodge Challenger
  • GTS® - Headlight Covers on Ford Mustang
  • GTS® - Headlight Covers on Ford Mustang
  • GTS® - Headlight Covers on Chevy Camaro

Sunroofs are great and provide the closest thing to open air motoring short of a convertible, but driving with them open can be noisy and leave vehicle occupants windblown. A GTS sunroof wind deflector greatly reduces noise and wind buffeting, so you can get full enjoyment from your sunroof. And GTS rear window deflectors will help deflect the sun's rays to keep you and your interior cooler, and prevent your interior fabrics from fading. Rear window deflectors on SUVs can also help improve rear vision by keeping dirt and dust from accumulating on the rear window.

Of course, great design doesn't mean a thing if the part doesn't fit properly on your car or truck. To make sure every GTS part fits as the designer intended, GTS manufactures all components in the USA, controlling the manufacturing process and ensuring the quality of the part. GTS also incorporates ease of installation into every design. Almost all GTS components can be installed without the need for drilling or making any permanent modifications to your vehicle. For cutting edge style and design, maximum toughness and durability, perfect fit and finish, and ease of installation, you need GTS body styling components.

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2006 Dodge Charger
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The product was very nice and pretty and make my car look like a total new car.

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