Cadillac STS Hitch Covers

    About Cadillac STS Trailer Hitches

    The Cadillac STS trailer hitches produced by the leading manufacturers are an essential condition for a successful journey with a trailer. A car with a trailer is a complex system that requires precise regulation and efficient control mechanisms. Unlike usual luggage, the weight of the trailer should be carefully considered, because it can have a negative effect on your ability to steer the vehicle. Generally, about 10% of the trailer’s weight is carried by the vehicle. If there is something really heavy on the trailer (for example, a motorboat) and the weight isn’t distributed correctly, the trailer can cause steering problems and even take over the steering, which should never happen on the road. This is what the Cadillac STS weight-distributing hitches are for.

    However, if your trailer serves just as an extension for the luggage section and carries backpacks, you don’t need a weight-distributing hitch. You can install a weight-carrying hitch and it will serve you well. It is a good idea to consult a specialist before purchasing a trailer hitch, because a wrong choice can have many negative consequences especially if you underestimate your needs. Luckily, you may only need help when you choose the trailer hitch; installing it is easy enough for an average driver.