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WARN’s motto is “Go Prepared”, and with your skill, and a WARN-equipped 4WD vehicle, you’ll be well prepared for any off-road situation. From their industry-leading winches and accessories, and protective gear like skid plates and fender flares, to off-road lights that turn night into day, and pioneering locking hubs, WARN has the gear that will keep you going no matter what the trail or the elements can throw at you.

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      Universal 10000 lbs ZEON™ 10 Electric Winch by Warn®. This advanced design, premium winch has 10,000 lb. pulling capacity and fast line speed, making it powerful enough for just about any job you have in mind. Its sleek, satin...
      10,000 lb. single line pulling capacityFast line speed with low amp draw minimizes strain on charging system
      $1,224.99from $979.99 - $1,529.99
      # 12507591
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      Universal 8000 lbs M8274-50 Self-Recovery Electric Winch by Warn®. Perhaps the most well-known winch in the WARN catalog, the original M8274 debuted in 1974, and subsequent variations have remained in the lineup because of the...
      A lot of pulling power with amazing no-load retrieval speedWARN’s fastest winch; the choice for off-road competitions where speed matters
      $2,374.99from $1,899.99 - $2,133.42
      # 12508986
    • (0 reviews)
      Universal PowerPlant Dual Force HP Electric Winch with Air Compressor by Warn®. Versatility times two. A best-in-class air compressor and a powerful WARN winch in one versatile unit.
      Winch features a 3-stage planetary gear train, series wound motor with thermal protection switch, freespooling clutch, automatic mechanical cone brake.12,000 lbs. pulling capacity, 80' of 3/8" wire rope, long duty cycle
      $2,112.49from $1,689.99 - $1,790.70
      # 12510929
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      Universal 9000 lbs 12V DC 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Electric Winch by Warn®. Capacity: 9000 lbs / 4080 kg. 4.8 HP Motor. Incl. 50 ft. Synthetic Rope, 360 Degree Swivel Hook / Thimble and Aluminum Hawse Fairlead. This winch was specially...
      # 1753067
    • (1 reviews)
      Universal 9500 lbs 12V DC 9.5cti Self-Recovery Electric Winch by Warn®. Capacity: 9500 lbs / 4310 kg. 4.6 HP. With Roller Fairlead and 125 ft. Wire Rope. The latest addition to WARN’s technologically advanced and precision...
      Strong pulling power, fast line speed, and overheating protection enclosed in a protective housingSeries wound motor and 3-stage planetary gear train deliver 9500 lbs. of pulling capacity
      $1,649.99from $1,319.99 - $1,579.99
      # 12515701
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      Universal 9500 lbs 12V DC 9.5xp Self-Recovery Electric Winch by Warn®. The fast, powerful 9.5xp Extreme Performance winch is designed for the serious off-roader who demands a winch that will perform under the most extreme...
      High-output parallel series wound winch motor is the strongest and most durable in the industryExtreme-duty winch sealing. Enables superior water resistance
      # 12508997
    • (0 reviews)
      Universal 9500 lbs 12V DC 9.5xp-S Self-Recovery Electric Winch by Warn®. 9500 lb./4310 kg, 12V DC Motor, with Polished Aluminum Hawse Fairlead, 100 ft. Spydura Rope. The fast, powerful 9.5xp Extreme Performance winch is designed...
      # 1753080
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      Universal 9000 lbs 12V DC XD9000i Multi-Mount Self-Recovery Electric Winch Kit by Warn®. Kit Includes: Winch, Carrier and Wiring. Pair the power, speed, and reliability of the XD9000i winch with the portability of the Multi-Mount...
      # 1753049
    • (1 reviews)
      Universal M12000 Self-Recovery Electric Winch by Warn®. The M-Series winch has been trusted by off-roaders for over twenty years. This winch offers outstanding reliability and value. Its low-profile design allows for a variety of...
      Premium Series winch that delivers classic design, proven performance, and legendary WARN reliabilityContactor control box and hand-held, corded remote control
      $1,874.99from $1,499.99 - $1,925.59
      # 12510871
    • (0 reviews)
      Universal 12000 lbs 12V DC Endurance 12.0 Self-Recovery Electric Winch by Warn®. Capacity: 12000 lbs / 5440kg. 12V DC Motor. With Roller Fairlead and 80 ft. Wire Rope. If you need a lot of pulling power for long pulls but don’t...
      # 1752004
    • (0 reviews)
      Universal Utility Winch by Warn®. This is a small winch, but it's one big value when you consider the reliability and the overall quality. Built to handle lighter loads, this winch is overflowing with upgraded features, including a...
      $430.74from $344.59 - $1,176.66
      # 12515396
    • (0 reviews)
      Universal 1000 lbs 24V DC Powered Patterned PullzAll by Warn®. When work takes you to more remote locations, bring the mechanical muscle of the portable, cordless PullzAll with you. From tough tasks like pulling pipe to stretching...
      $453.89from $363.11 - $408.13
      # 12507587
    • (0 reviews)
      Universal Hydraulic Industrial Winch by Warn®. Powerful hydraulic motors allow for extended duty. Hardened steel, two-stage planetary gear trains deliver efficient and reliable operation plus fast line speeds. Like their electric...
      Popular winch for tow, utility and trailer applicationsHardened steel, two-stage planetary geartrain provides faster line speeds
      $1,640.36from $1,312.29 - $2,143.55
      # 12510825
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      Heavy Duty Off-Road Winch Bumper by Warn®. When you want the ultimate front bumper for your truck, you want the Warn Heavy Duty Bumper. These units are contoured to the shape of the vehicle's grille and body and have that...
      $919.03from $735.22 - $2,879.68
      # 2897
    • (0 reviews)
      Rock Crawler Front Bumper by Warn®. The Warn Rock Crawler Bumper is constructed from heavy 3/16" and 1/4" steel, and is CNC formed and robotically welded. The bumper features tapered ends for an increased approach angle; welded...
      $387.59from $310.07 - $899.02
      # 2899

    Just after WWII Arthur Warn thought it would be great idea if all the surplus Jeeps that were then available could be made into useful road vehicles. He created the original locking wheel hub to make it possible and so was born WARN Industries. By 1954 WARN locking hubs were offered as optional factory equipment by major domestic automobile manufacturers. Later that decade WARN developed the first recreational winch. With its rugged drive train, the WARN winch quickly became the leading brand.

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    WARN invented the manual locking hub, it’s the cornerstone of the company. Locking hubs lock the wheels to the drive axles when driving on loose surfaces like dirt, mud, ice, and snow, and 4WD is needed, and they can be unlocked to allow the wheels to “freewheel” when driving on hard surfaces like pavement, which increases fuel economy and cuts down on wear and tear on the drivetrain.

    WARN is probably most well-known for its trailblazing line of winches. With a WARN winch on your vehicle, there’s no such thing as getting stuck. A WARN winch will get you over any hill, through any mud bog, and across any stream. The flagship of WARN’s Premium Series is the ZEON. Available in 8000,10,000 and 12,000 lb. pulling capacities, the ZEON is packed with features like a convertible control pack, quiet and durable motor, and fast and reliable gear train that are as revolutionary as its cast aluminum housing.

    • WARN® - Rock Crawler Front Bumper
    • WARN® - Electric Off-Road Winch
    • WARN® - Spot Lights Kit
    • WARN® - Electric Off-Road Winch on Jeep Wrangler
    • WARN® - Rock Crawler Front Bumper on Land Rover
    • WARN® - Off-Road Bumper on Jeep Wrangler
    • WARN® - Electric Off-Road Winch and Front Bumper on Jeep Wrangler
    • WARN® - Off-Road Winch Installed
    • WARN® - ZEON™ Electric Winch
    • WARN® - Off-Road Lights
    • WARN® - Multi-Mount Winch Carrier
    • WARN® - Off-Road Bumper with Electric Winch

    Leading the Ultimate Performance Series is the PowerPlant Dual Force, the world’s first air compressor and winch housed in one unit. Available in 9500 and 12,000 lb. pulling capacities, The PowerPlant can inflate tires and run air tools or deliver the raw pulling power WARN winches are famous for. With your choice of 12,000, 15,000 or 16,500 lb. pulling capacities, the Heavyweight Series is built for pulling heavy loads, with large frames, powerful motors, and heavy-duty construction throughout.

    To ensure WARN winches can provide their renowned pulling power, WARN manufactures their winch accessories to the same high standards. Snatch blocks are available in capacities to suit the load, so you can increase your pulling power with a double line pull, or change the pulling direction. Tree trunk protectors and recovery straps are constructed from tough, high-quality nylon webbing with end loops that are reinforced with abrasion resistant wear pads. And to ensure they won’t fail unexpectedly, a red warning marker is encased in the webbing. Abrasion or other damage will expose the red marker and indicate that the strap should be replaced. To protect your hands from cuts and abrasions that can result from handling wire winch rope, WARN synthetic leather/Kevlar gloves feature extra reinforcements for knuckle and fingertip protection, shock absorbing palms, terry cloth sweat wipe, and neoprene wrist and pull strap.

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    | Posted by Jeffrey | (Smithville, ON)

    Looks good and was easy to install. The only thing I change is how the rock guards are fastened. Once installed and not five minutes from my house one of the covers fell off and i drove over it. Was not impressed.

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