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Draw-Tite originated right after WWII when inventor Bill Whichello developed a tensioner for clotheslines, called the Draw-Tite. Unfortunately, this was just as clothes dryers came on the market. So, he changed to trailer hitches under the already-copyrighted Draw-Tite name. Since then, Draw-Tite has come to represent the epitome of craftsmanship in the industry, and are generally regarded as the easiest to install products in the market.

Reese and Draw-Tite were the pioneers in rating trailers, hitches and towing equipment by weight class, eventually making these classes part of the DOT regulations for towing equipment, ensuring interchangeability in equipment between the vehicle, trailer, RV and hitch manufacturers. It’s now a simple task to specify the weight rating of every component of the vehicle/trailer assembly, guaranteeing improved safety and towing ease.

Pick and choose from not only a receiver-style hitch that fits your vehicle and is rated to tow a trailer that’s of the correct max weight for it, but a wide assortment of ball mounts and balls. It’s often necessary to spec a ball mount with rise or drop, to make the trailer ride in a level attitude behind a truck with a much higher receiver opening, or a car with a much lower one. With three different ball sizes with different shank sizes, and five different weight classes, it’s not one-size-fits-all. And a poor choice in setting up a trailer can result in a dangerous, evil-handling setup.

One thing that’s necessary to ensure a sweet-towing rig is the appropriate amount of tongue weight. 10-15% of the trailer weight appropriate, and will greatly reduce sway. That, unfortunately, puts enough downforce on the ball of some vehicles to actually unload the front wheels as well as bottoming out the rear suspension. That’s why Draw-Tite was one of the pioneers in weight-transferring hitches that take weight from the trailer and transfer it forward to the tow vehicle’s front wheels, leveling it out and improving virtually every aspect of the tow/trailer dynamic.

Draw-Tite is a subsidiary of Cequent, which has dominated the towing market since the turn of the century, when it acquired a large number of trailering companies, including Draw-Tite, Reese, Hidden Hitch, Bargman, Tekonsha and others. Draw-Tite’s market has always centered on bolt-on hitches that are vehicle-specific. A dealer or customer can simply take the hitch out of the box and bolt it on with the included hardware, often within a half-hour or less.

With its many sister companies as resources, Draw-Tite has an extremely wide portfolio of high-quality products to solve all of your towing problems. Long experience in every aspect of the towing market gives Draw-Tite the ability to develop new, innovative products that fill the needs of recreational and professional drivers everywhere.

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2009 Chevy HHR
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Good instructions, handy wire to snake the bolts through the frame. Easy to install.

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