Cadillac DTS Hitch Covers

About Cadillac DTS Hitch Covers

The Cadillac DTS trailer hitch is not just a piece of metal attached to the rear of your car. It is a high-end engineering solution that utilizes precise calculation and top-quality materials to let you steer the Cadillac DTS with a trailer like there is no additional weight. All you need to know to choose the right Cadillac DTS trailer hitch is the weight of the trailer and the gross weight of your trailer which is calculated by adding the cargo weight to the weight of the trailer.

The trailer hitches are divided in 4 classes by these 2 parameters, as an owner of a sedan, you may be interested in the first two: Class I trailer hitches are suitable for towing trailers with the gross weight of 2000 lbs, while Class II trailer hitches will be able to handle 3000 lbs of gross trailer weight. You can use the weight-carrying hitches when you need to take some items that occupy a lot of place but are relatively lightweight: a pair of skis, a snowboard or a surfing board with you. The weight-distributing hitch allows you to take whatever you want, but the gross weight should stay within the weight limit for the Cadillac DTS. provides the technical solution for any possible issue.