Buick Apollo Dash Covers

About Buick Apollo Dash Covers

The Buick Apollo is an old vehicle. Because of this fact, you may find that you’re having a harder time finding parts and accessories for it than you used to. Don’t worry, we’ve got what you need, including dash covers.

Our dash covers come in four different fabrics – plastic, velour, suede, and even carpet – so you can easily choose which one will suit your car, needs, and lifestyle best. Once you’ve chosen the fabric that you like, you get to choose a color. Opt for one that will match the interior color of your vehicle or just pick you favorite color. We’ll send you your new dash cover with some adhesive tape so that you can tape the dash cover in place, although it will already fit your dash like a glove. No folds or extra fabric to deal with makes it more than easy to install your dash cover in minutes and be on your way, knowing both you and your dash are now protected from the sun and its harsh UV rays. Our competitive price is just the bonus!

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