BMW Z8 Sun Shades

About BMW Z8 Sun Shades

It is hard to believe that such a simple accessory as the sun shades can solve two big problems of the car owners – the protection of the interior from the harmful sunrays and reducing the inside temperature of the car. Nevertheless, this is what it does and what thousands of drivers value it for. Become one of them today and purchase the BMW Z8 sun shades from CARiD.

At our shop we feature the best sun shades that were manufactured specifically for your vehicle by the most famous brands. From years working in the aftermarket industry, we know what the best companies are and cooperate only with them. Purchasing from CARiD you can be assured that top quality is guaranteed to you. The sun shades consist of several layers. The outer layer is covered with metalized polyester that reflects up to 99.8 % of the harmful UV rays. The inner and middle layer insulate the interior of your car from the outside heat. Besides, the felt layer is gentle on your windshield and does not scratch it. Therefore, these sun shades prevent sun and heat damage to your vehicle and keep your seats and steering wheel cool to the touch. You can use the storage bag to keep the sun shades clean and secure when not in use.

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We know you've seen this: you have walked through a crowded parking lot at the mall or the beach during the summer, and you've spotted the flimsy cardboard windshield shade that has an illustration of a pair of sunglasses on it. On the reverse side is the word "HELP", as if you have time to set the shade in place while you're in the middle of your emergency. We are...