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    Do the fenders of your Audi need a face-lift? The best and permanent treat you can give to this particular part of your Audi is a fender replacement. Browse through our variety of top level Audi fenders to find one that is suitable for your Audi. To ensure maximum quality that gets you the desired results, CARiD only carries fenders from established manufacturers such as Replace, Goodmark and Omix-Ada. Finding a single superior quality fender in the used parts market, leave alone a complete set for the vehicle, is near-impossible. But why would you want a second hand part for a fender when it performs one of the most rigorous jobs a car accessory has to do? Opt for these custom replacement fenders instead, which are guaranteed to give you years of service. Made from hardy stainless steel or a combination of steel and synthetic plastics, our Audi fenders are designed to withstand all the grime the road throws at them. They also absorb collisions well, and as a result, your car does not have to suffer the effect of any impact on its sides.

    All our Audi fenders are designed to match the original fender in size, shape and quality. Most of the brands we feature use the same metal gauge used in the original fenders, to ensure that the quality and weight in relation to the weight of the vehicle is maintained. Because of the similarity in size to the original fenders, these replacement fenders fit on the Audi precisely. We have fenders for all Audi models, across the different years of manufacture under each model. This means that regardless of your model or when it was released, you will find an appropriate fender for it. Go ahead and browse through the exhaustive selection at to choose the right fenders for your Audi.

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