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Vehicle fenders are susceptible to the effects of rusting due to dust, debris and battery acid spillage. These fenders are easily damaged especially when you are driving and the front tires throw up debris. It’s very costly to have brand new Audi Q5 fenders from the dealers. If you are looking for high quality fenders, then CARiD online store will be the best option. Choose a replacement fender from Replace, which is one of the leading manufacturing plants of Audi Q5 fenders, and whose products are readily availed at the store. The design is simply superb thanks to the latest software used during manufacture. What makes these Audi Q5 fenders stand out is the fact that they are identical to the original equipment from the dealers. Installation is quite simple as the dimensions are identical to original equipment, and will thus fit seamlessly. The metal sheet gauge is also similar to that of the original equipment. CARiD offers Audi Q5 fender at a very affordable rate compared to those you will find from the dealers.

You may find seemingly suitable fenders from the scrap yard at a cheaper price but you don’t have any guarantee that the quality is any good, plus they don’t come with a warranty. CARiD offers a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for your Audi Q5 fenders due to problems associated with workmanship or other defects. While buying at a scrap yard may seem a cheaper option, you may end up with problems like the fender not fitting properly or having to put up with the substandard metal sheet gauge used. You may be forced again to do modification on your ride. At CARiD, you will have an opportunity to purchase Audi Q5 fenders that suit your ride. It’s very convenient as you can make an order online and have your Audi Q5 fender shipped to you.

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