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    • Edge® Juice with Attitude CS2 / CTS2 Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 72762328
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Juice with Attitude CS2 / CTS2 Programmer by Edge®. Comes with in-vehicle screen and separate module that connects directly to factory sensors underhood to provide racetrack levels of power for diesel trucks...
      Slim, Sleek Case Design2.4" or 5" Full-Color, High Resolution, Button-Control Screen
      $849.95 - $999.95
    • Edge® Evolution CS2 / CTS2 Programmer
      (1 reviews)
      # 72762253
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Evolution CS2 / CTS2 Programmer by Edge®. Providing the ultimate level of vehicle instrumentation along with 4 levels of performance enhancement, the compact CS and wide-screen CTS programmers plug in to any...
      Offers performance-enhancing software revisions designed specifically for fuel economy, towing, semi-aggressive performance, and aggressive performanceSlim, Sleek Case Design
      $449.95 - $679.95
    • Edge® Evolution HT2 Performance Tuner
      (0 reviews)
      # 82113842
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Evolution HT2 Performance Tuner by Edge®. This compact, hand-held programmer connects to your truck’s OBD II port and remaps ECU software to increase horsepower and torque for towing or high performance...
      Available in Gasoline- or Diesel-specific applicationsPrograms your vehicle’s engine control computer to let you increase power for maximum performance on the street, or while towing
    • Superchips® Flashpaq F5 Series Performance Tuner
      (1 reviews)
      # 51930036
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Flashpaq F5 Series Performance Tuner by Superchips®. Introducing the all-new Flashpaq F5 performance tuner from Superchips. With it’s new, easy-to-use graphic interface, high-resolution color screen, scan...
      Extremely compact hand-held size adds maximum convenienceConnects to any OBD II vehicle diagnostic system to increase horsepower and torque for maximum track, towing, or off-road performance
    • Hypertech® Max Energy Programmer
      (1 reviews)
      # 1683097
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Max Energy Programmer by Hypertech®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this programmer also offers a host of innovative features listed below. Control of cooling fan kick-on temperature. Rev Limiter...
      Designed specifically for gasoline enginesRead, display, and clear diagnostic trouble codes and check engine lights
    • Hypertech® HyperPAC Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 62681910
      Chevy Silverado 2004, HyperPAC Programmer by Hypertech®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this programmer also offers a host of innovative features listed below. Calibrate speedometer for different gear ratios. Calibrate...
      Performance tuningDrag Strip
      $345.55 - $634.84
    • Bully Dog® GT Platinum Programmer
      (6 reviews)
      # 59919294
      Chevy Silverado 2004, GT Platinum Programmer by Bully Dog®. The GT Platinum is four products in one: a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The GT dramatically improves the utility of...
      Four products in one remarkable unitInstallation is extremely easy and takes no more than 20 minutes
      $429.00 - $449.00
    • Bully Dog® Triple Dog GT Tuner
      (4 reviews)
      # 69416125
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Triple Dog GT Tuner by Bully Dog®. HP Gain 23.5, TQ Gain 30. Adjustable, Speed Limit. Tire. Triple Dog Gauge Tuner for gasoline-powered engines. Loads alternative engine tunes, monitors engine parameters,...
      Economy Tune (85 octane) +15-20 horsepowerPerformance Tune (91 octane) +25-30 horsepower
    • Banks® AutoMind™ Hand Held Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 91402218
      Chevy Silverado 2004, AutoMind™ Hand Held Programmer by Banks®. Pre-Loaded Power Right Out Of The Box. Calibrations were developed with Power And Increased MPG In Mind. Speedometer Calibration Based On Tire Size or Gear Ratio....
      Diesel or GasChoose power level (diesel)
    • Banks® EconoMind™ PowerPack Calibration Diesel Tuner
      (0 reviews)
      # 83044388
      Chevy Silverado Diesel 2004, EconoMind™ PowerPack Calibration Diesel Tuner by Banks®. The Banks EconoMind tuner has it all: More power, better fuel economy, and improved emissions. By tinkering with injector pulse width, timing...
      6-position-switch controllerAlso controlled by Banks iQ controller
      $713.58 - $1,130.94
    • Banks® Six-Gun™ Diesel Tuner with Banks iQ® Man-Machine Interface
      (0 reviews)
      # 79449055
      Chevy Silverado 6.6L 2004, by Banks®. The Banks Six-Gun tuner can add as much as 155 hp/385 ft.-lbs. to your rear-wheel horsepower safely, for major improvements in towing or racing. And it does it without the thick black smoke...
      Airflow upgrades recommended to achieve claimed powerPlug-and-play install in an hour or two
      $616.97 - $1,627.68
    • Banks® Bullet™ Diesel Tuner
      (0 reviews)
      # 79449006
      Chevy Silverado Diesel 2004, Bullet™ Diesel Tuner by Banks®. Gains Up To 60 HP And 100 lb-ft Of Torque. Internet Updateable. Adjustable Boost Alert Ranges from 20 to 50 PSI. Displays Critical Engine Functions. Mounts Anywhere A...
      30 hp bump in Tow mode60 hp bump in Sport mode
      $307.97 - $366.52
    • DiabloSport® Trinity Programmer
      (8 reviews)
      # 53057277
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Trinity Programmer by DiabloSport®. This hi-res color screen programmer plugs in to any vehicle’s OBD II port to remap ECU operation for increased power and mileage. The screen displays a wealth of vehicle...
      Windshield suction cup mounting bracket includedFeatures performance enhancing levels custom tuned for Economy, Performance, Towing, and Extreme Performance for modified vehicles
    • DiabloSport® InTune I2 Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 69411388
      Chevy Silverado 2004, InTune I2 Programmer by DiabloSport®. If you are a horsepower junky and you need a fix, look no further. DiabloSport’s inTune i2 Performance Programmer is an easy way to boost power without even popping the...
      New "Easy Tune" mode for simple installationDyno tested performance programs
    • JET® Dynamic Spectrum Tuner
      (0 reviews)
      # 13551181
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Dynamic Spectrum Tuner by JET®. Designed for the performance enthusiast who wants total control of their vehicle's programming, the JET Dynamic Spectrum Tuner is a powerful tuning package. JET’s DST software...
      Fuel parameters including power enrichment and volumetric efficiencyIgnition tables including spark advance versus load, knock retard and more
      $399.99 - $524.99
    • JET® EZ-Tune Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 61246990
      Chevy Silverado 2004, EZ-Tune Programmer by JET®. Change Engine Tuning. Read and Clear Diagnostic Codes. EZ Tune Programmer is the economy version of the full Performance Programmer and is designed for the driver who only wants to...
      User friendly programming procedureRead and clear factory diagnostic trouble codes (turn off check engine light)
    • JET® Performance Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 61246986
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Performance Programmer by JET®. Shift Points/Firmness. Modified Ignition Curve. Recalibrated Air/Fuel Ratio. The JET Performance Programmer lets you take control and program your own vehicle computer to match...
      Add up to 100 horsepower & 168 ft/lbs of torque instantlyTri-Power performance tuning modes for regular, midgrade or premium fuels-Diesel models feature 5 different performance levels from 30 HP to 100 HP
    • DiabloSport® Extreme Power Puck Module
      (0 reviews)
      # 1454283
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Extreme Power Puck Module by DiabloSport®. HP Gain: 100. TQ Gain: 150. Designed specifically for diesel engines, this under hood controller remaps fuel injection and timing to boost fuel economy and power to...
      Installs under hood easily with pre-fitted connectors, and requires no special toolsBoosts fuel economy by up to 4 miles per gallon under normal highway driving conditions
      $316.95 - $341.95
    • JET® Power Control Module
      (1 reviews)
      # 13551194
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Power Control Module by JET®. Dynamic Spectrum Tuning provides power gains across the entire power band-not just at full throttle. Point by point air/fuel ratio, ignition advance and various other tuning...
      Provide Performance Gains Up To 25 Horse PowerEasily Installed In Less Than 30 Minutes
      $242.96 - $250.46
    • TS Performance® MP8 Series Performance Chip
      (1 reviews)
      # 81528198
      Chevy Silverado 2004, MP8 Series Performance Chip by TS Performance®. Connection: Fuel and MAP. HP Gain: 0-100 HP. This superior product is made from first-rate materials to strict quality standards. It is designed with the utmost...
      Gain up to 100 Hp increase on light duty and 30% increase on medium duty20% increase in fuel economy
    • Banks® iQ Dashboard
      (1 reviews)
      # 79449014
      Chevy Silverado Diesel 2004, iQ Dashboard by Banks®. Provides Dynamic Link Between Driver and Vehicle. Rock-Solid Windows® CE Foundation. Up To 13 Different Operating Modes. 5" Full Color Touch Screen Display. On Screen Alerts....
      $527.29 - $647.87
    • Banks® Exhaust Brake
      (0 reviews)
      # 79449042
      Chevy Silverado Diesel 2004, Exhaust Brake by Banks®. Imagine setting your "comfort zone" and cutting downhill speed by nearly 80% without even touching the brake pedal, keeping your brakes cool and ready for emergencies should...
      Maintains downhill speed automaticallyNo extra hardware to install
      $496.74 - $1,287.07
    • Fleece Performance® EFILive Custom ECM Tuning
      (0 reviews)
      # 66278796
      Chevy Silverado LB7 Engine 2004, EFILive Custom ECM Tuning by Fleece Performance®. Webster defines the verb Tune as: to adjust for precise functioning. Tuning is simply the act of making a number of mechanical components work in...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $499.00 - $849.00
    • SCT Performance® X4 Series Power Flash Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 85136299
      Chevy Silverado 2004, X4 Series Power Flash Programmer by SCT Performance®. The SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer provides your PowerStroke with pre-loaded, dyno-proven power! From the factory, your vehicles computer is calibrated for...
      Increase horsepower, torque, increased throttle response, firmer shifts and even increased fuel mileageBuilt-in WIFI connectivity attaches to your local wireless network for easy device updates
    • FAST® Fast-Flash™ Computer Chip Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 89716680
      Chevy Silverado 1500 Gas 2004, Fast-Flash™ Computer Chip Programmer by FAST®. Speed Limitier. Tire. Gear. Clear DTCs. Handheld Unit. FAST-FLASH™ hand held programmer is the most versatile computer tuning tool on the market...
      Select From Performance/Towing/Economy ModeOptimize Engine Parameters
    • ATS Diesel Performance® Co-Pilot Conversion Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # 113591426
      Chevy Silverado Allison Transmission 2004, Co-Pilot Conversion Kit by ATS Diesel Performance®. Converting your GM Duramax with the Allison transmission from a 5 speed to a 6 speed will lower rpms going down the highway and will...
      Control over converter lockupPush button control
    • ATS Diesel Performance® Co-Pilot Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller
      (0 reviews)
      # 71991544
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Co-Pilot Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller by ATS Diesel Performance®. The ATS Co-Pilot transmission controller is recommended for use with light duty pickup trucks with a heavy-duty aftermarket transmission...
      Control over converter lockupPush button control
    • Fleece Performance® TapShifter
      (1 reviews)
      # 66278224
      Chevy Silverado LB7 Engine 2004, TapShifter by Fleece Performance®. The Fleece Performance TapShifter allows you to shift your Allison Transmission with the touch of a button just like the 2006 and newer trucks. Perfect for towing,...
      Easy Plug & Play InstallationLimits Up-Shifts
    • TCI® EZ-TCU™ GM Overdrive Transmission Controller
      (0 reviews)
      # 87552504
      Chevy Silverado 4-Speed 2004, EZ-TCU™ GM Overdrive Transmission Controller by TCI®. Comes in a kit. Easy Electronic Overdrive Transmission Control. No Laptop, Previous Tuning Experience or Tuning Required. For computer...
    • Edge® Insight CS2 / CTS2 Monitor
      (0 reviews)
      # 72762300
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Insight CS2 / CTS2 Monitor by Edge®. Specially created to provide the ultimate level of vehicle instrumentation, the compact CS and wide-screen CTS monitors plug in to any OBD II compatible vehicle port. Fault...
      CS2 and CTS2 are monitors only and do NOT enhance engine performanceCS2 features compact size, manual control buttons on left and 2.4" color screen
      $299.95 - $429.95
    • JET® Speedo Pro Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 61246991
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Speedo Pro Programmer by JET®. Change Engine Tuning. Read and Clear Diagnostic Codes. The Speedo Pro Programmer is designed for the driver who has changed tire size or gear ratios, or both, and wants to...
      Clear any engine diagnostic codesCorrect the speedometer and automatic shift points
    • Hypertech® Speedometer Calibrator
      (0 reviews)
      # 87450096
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Speedometer Calibrator by Hypertech®. The law requires accurate speedometer readings, even if you have non-stock tires or gear ratios installed. The Speedometer Calibrator is created to provide that specific...
      Designed for any OBD II compatible gasoline or diesel powered vehiclePrograms vehicle ECU to correctly calculate and display speedometer and odometer readings when non-stock size tires are equipped on vehicle
      $229.00 - $311.39
    • JET® Speedometer Calibrator
      (0 reviews)
      # 13545615
      Chevy Silverado CNG / Gas Automatic Transmission 2004, Speedometer Calibrator by JET®. JET Performance Accu-Speed interacts with the vehicle speed sensor on late model GM, Ford, Dodge, and Jeep trucks and SUVs. It connects to the...
      Designed to modify speed sensor output readingsConnects to the transmission output speed sensor
    • Pro Comp® ACCU Pro Speedometer and Odometer Calibrator
      (0 reviews)
      # 72207369
      Chevy Silverado NATURALLY ASPIRATED 2004, ACCU Pro Speedometer and Odometer Calibrator by Pro Comp®. This calibration tool is the first of its kind. Compact and easy to use, the ACCU PRO calibration tool plugs directly into your...
      Accu Pro is easy to installTire gauge has 2" diameter gauge face
    • TS Performance® ReSpeed Series Speedometer Calibrator
      (0 reviews)
      # 83359974
      Chevy Silverado 2004, ReSpeed Series Speedometer Calibrator by TS Performance®. Wire Color: Dark Green/White. If you’ve changed your truck’s tire size or rear axle gears, chances are the speedometer reading is off. Because many...
      Recalibrates tire size and/or gear ratio for accurate speed readings to gain precise engine performance and speedometer displayThe Re-Speed can turn off the speed limiter or set the maximum speed the computer sees for optimum engine performance
    • Edge® Dash Pod
      (0 reviews)
      # 74339246
      Chevy Silverado Diesel 2004, Dash Pod by Edge®. The Edge Dash Pod houses any Attitude, Evolution or Insight unit and allows dashboard mounting for an original OEM look. The Insight CTS requires an additional adaptor piece sold...
      Secures Attitude, Evolution and Insight units and any applicable adapter pieces in place on your dashboard at eye level for easy useDesigned to match the exact contours of your vehicle for an even fit that looks OEM
    • ATS Diesel Performance® Attitude Visor Mount
      (0 reviews)
      # 71990103
      Chevy Silverado 2004, Attitude Visor Mount by ATS Diesel Performance®. Includes: Switches. Angled Bracket. To Mount your Edge Products attitude in the overhead compartment in your truck.
      Single piece of brushed aluminumSwitches can be used for any accessories
    • EFILive® FlashScan V2 Device
      (0 reviews)
      # 87353017
      Chevy Silverado 2004, FlashScan V2 Device by EFILive®. FlashScan V2, EFILive's premier hardware device is the most important tool in a Tuners tool box. FlashScan V2 is the key component of the EFILive solution, integrating the...
      $1,599.00 - $2,999.00
    • Painless Performance® PERFECT TORC Transmission Controller
      (0 reviews)
      # 56790968
      Chevy Silverado 4L60-E Transmission / 4L65-E Transmission / 4L80-E Transmission / 4L85-E Transmission 2004, PERFECT TORC Transmission Controller by Painless Performance®, 1 Piece. State-of-the-Art stand-alone transmission...
    • aFe® Scorcher Tuner
      (0 reviews)
      # 100376852
      Chevy Silverado Regular Cab / Extended Cab / Crew Cab Diesel / Gas 2004, Scorcher Tuner by aFe®. Simple Plug and Play Tuning, Digital Color 4.3" Touch Screen Display, Customizable Gauges, Reads and Clears Trouble Codes, Backup...
      Integrated to work with aFe Power productsEasy to use
    • EFILive® Billet Injector Hold Down Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # 58789891
      Chevy Silverado LB7 Engine 2004, Billet Injector Hold Down Kit by EFILive®.
    • EFILive® Main Girdle Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # 87353010
      Chevy Silverado Duramax Engine 2004, Main Girdle Kit by EFILive®.
      $364.62 - $862.50
    • GReddy® Speed Limiter Cut Controller (15590201)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn457999787
      Universal Speed Limiter Cut Controller by GReddy®. Type A. It is a general-purpose product that can be used for domestic cars of MT equipped except for the CAN communication vehicle. 140 km/h and 180 km/h it can be to release the...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and racing lifestyle
    • APEXi® DIN3 Meter VFD-LED Display
      (0 reviews)
      # 79118473
      Universal DIN3 Meter VFD-LED Display by APEXi®. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, this product will serve you reliably for years to come. It will meet your requirements and provide excellent...
      Manufactured from premium materialsDesigned to strict quality standards
    • Innovate Motorsports® OT-2/LC-2 OBD-II and Wideband AFR WiFi Interface (3832)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn458132583
      Universal OT-2/LC-2 OBD-II and Wideband AFR WiFi Interface by Innovate Motorsports®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in...
    • Haltech® LDX Logger Dash (250-KT-LDX)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn470672338
      LDX Logger Dash by Haltech®. LDX Logger Dash Wiring Harness Driveshaft RPM Sensor Kit Datalink Download Software Kit with 6 Foot Cable V-Net Tee Connector with Terminator Caps Water Temperature Sensor Oil Pressure Sensor...
      Manufactured from premium materialsDesigned to strict quality standards
    • Haltech® Thermocouple Amplifier Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # 81416532
      Universal Thermocouple Amplifier Kit by Haltech®.
      $11.68 - $690.00
    • Haltech® UDX Logger Dash
      (0 reviews)
      # 81416537
      UDX Logger Dash by Haltech®. Capable of being utilized with any of Racepak's V-Net series of data recorders. UDX Utilizes the same V-Net cable the external sensors use. The UDX display is capable of "sharing" sensor data with the...
      Manufactured from premium materialsDesigned to strict quality standards
      $144.00 - $796.50
    • General Technologies® Multisystem Engine Analyzer (TA500)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn2260756
      Multisystem Engine Analyzer by General Technologies®. The TA500's unique and proprietary technology allows the user to perform quick and reliable diagnostics of non-starts, misfires, fouled up or damaged spark plugs and/or spark...
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Innova® OBDII Scan Tool
      (0 reviews)
      # 35978964
      OBDII Scan Tool by Innova®. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, this product will serve you reliably for years to come. It will meet your requirements and provide excellent quality at a...
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
      $34.30 - $298.93
    • Launch Tech® CR6 Code Reader and Graphing Diagnostic Tool (301050099)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn2574646
      CR6 Code Reader and Graphing Diagnostic Tool by Launch Tech®. Generic and Manufacturer specific definitions are Built Right into This Scan Tool. Coverage for the latest modes 1 thru 10. Performs 0xygen and Evap Tests. 2010 and...
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Launch Tech® Launch Pad Scan Tool (301180018)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn2574650
      Launch Pad Scan Tool by Launch Tech®. The Absolute Fastest Scan Tool From Diagnostics To Repair, RIGHT AT THE VEHICLE. The X431 Launch Pad - the absolute fastest scan tool, from diagnostics to repair, right at the vehicle. With...
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Midtronics® 1000 Amp Electrical Diagnostic Analyzer Kit (EXP1000KIT)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn2374716
      1000 Amp Electrical Diagnostic Analyzer Kit by Midtronics®. EXP-1000 KIT - EXP-1000 Analyzer, IR Printer, 10' Battery Test Cable, DMM Clamps and Probes, Carrying Case, and Stud Adapters. Tests 6 and 12 volt automotive and marine...
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Schumacher ® 7 Ah Memory Saver With OBD Connection (INC-7A-OBD)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn1761325
      7 Ah Memory Saver With OBD Connection by Schumacher ®. What is a Memory Saver and How Does It Work A Memory Saver is a device that plugs into a port on a vehicle (lighter, power port or OBDII) and provides back-up power while the...
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Innovate Motorsports® 4-Channel Simple Sensor Interface (3783)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn358501235
      Universal 4-Channel Simple Sensor Interface by Innovate Motorsports®. The SSI-4 is also a key component of Innovate Motorsports' Modular Tuning System (MTS). Using the SSI-4's serial ports you can daisy-chain other Innovate devices...
    • Innovate Motorsports® 4-Channel Thermocouple Amplifier (3784)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn358501236
      Universal 4-Channel Thermocouple Amplifier by Innovate Motorsports®. The TC-4 includes the TC-4, Program Cable, Patch Cable (to daisy chain with other MTS compatible devices), Mounting hardware, and cd which includes software and...
    • Innovate Motorsports® Auxbox Multi-Sensor Device Datalogger (3742)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn458132573
      Universal Auxbox Multi-Sensor Device Datalogger by Innovate Motorsports®. The AuxBox attaches to the auxiliary input of the LM-1 or it can be integrated into the MTS serial chain. The AuxBox has 5 built-in sensors. The 5 internal...
    • Innovate Motorsports® Band Clamp Mouting for EGT Probe (3869)
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn458132627
      Universal Band Clamp Mouting for EGT Probe by Innovate Motorsports®. Includes #32 Clamp (1 9/16"-2 1/2"), Nut, Brass Ferrule & Base. The tapered cone minimizes possible exhaust leaks at sensor entrance. The square clamp saddle...
    • Innovate Motorsports® Bosch LSU 4.9 Sensor
      (0 reviews)
      # 81698848
      Universal Bosch LSU 4.9 Sensor by Innovate Motorsports®. Announcing Multi-Sensor support for LC-2, LM-2, MTX-L, and SCG-1. Unlike the competition, Innovate Motorsports' patented DirectDigital wideband sensor control allows users to...
      $94.18 - $158.54
    • Innovate Motorsports® Bosch LSU O² Sensor
      (0 reviews)
      # 81698857
      Universal Bosch LSU O² Sensor by Innovate Motorsports®.

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    Not Bad
    Fleece Tap Shifter necessarily must be, If you want upgrades for your Duramax. Now I can control shift as needed to meet any road condition. The best upgrades I have ever done to my Chevy diesel.
    PPosted by Patrick (St. Albans, NY) /
    2004 Chevy Silverado
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