Volvo S90 Fuel System Parts

About Volvo S90 Replacement Fuel System Parts

For exceptional performance and superior engine protection we stock the K&N Inline Fuel Filters. These Volvo S90 fuel delivery parts are designed using the latest cutting edge filtration technologies to clean fuel for a more efficient burn. They are especially ideal for high performance applications such as in race cars and other performance street machines. They are made with stainless steel mesh that features impressive filtration and high fuel flow qualities. They are further housed in an anodized tough aluminum casing that is adorned with the distinct K&N logo for enhanced style. You will enjoy a better performance with the high flow rates of up to 18gpm while your engine gets the superior protection it deserves. They are also very wide measuring up to 60sq inches thus increasing the dirt trapping area as well as boosting the fuel flow for an enhanced performance.

Since these Volvo S90 fuel delivery parts are widely tested for maximum fitment and functionality, you can use them with any type of engine configuration or fuel type such as methanol, gasoline among others. They can also operate in very high pressure applications since they are rated at 205psi. You also get to choose from the many options available as far as outlet/inlet sizes go from 6AN-12AN & -10 Wiggins to -12 Wiggins. They also come in different filtration capacities from 25 to 100 microns. All the seals used to avoid leaks are made from supple long lasting viton rubber ensuring that the clean fuel stays separated from the unclean. They are easily replaceable and can be plumbed into existing or brand new fuel systems. The installation has also been made very simple with the inclusion of all the installation tools needed and a detailed installation guide. They are also backed by a K&N 1 year warranty that covers a wide range of damages and defects in the materials.

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