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    The Volkswagen Fox is one of the smaller cars in the Volkswagen family. It is a car that comes with a 1.2 L engine going up to 1.4 L engine and with three doors. For an individual or a small family, the VX Fox is a perfect fit in size. With a cute body shape, the VW Fox is a car that you will spend fun times inside. Use one of the many Volkswagen trailer hitches to tow whatever that can’t fit in the car or just to bring out the beauty of the car even more. You can have the receiver hitch installed or the ball hitch. The ball or the knob trailer hitch has a ball, and just like the receiver trailer hitch, is fixed at the rear of the car. The trailer hitch end is fixed to the ball. The receiver trailer hitch, on the other hand, has a receiving arm where the arm of the trailer is inserted and secured to it.

    Many people use the Volkswagen Fox trailer hitches because of the many practical things hitches allow them to engage in. When travelling, you can use the hitch to attach a camping trailer or even a boat trailer. You will still be able to carry passengers in the car even with the trailer and trailer hitch attached. Choose from a wide variety of trailer hitches at CARiD. There are several categories to choose from under the receiver and ball trailer hitch sub-types. Because of the smallish size of the Volkswagen Fox, you will find that the lower strength trailer hitches are the best choices for it. It is advisable to use Class I and II hitches on the Fox so that it is not strained. This also eliminates the possibility of attaching loads that far exceed the car’s maximum towing capacity.

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    When you’re setting up your trailer with a new tow vehicle, several things need to be considered: the ball mount and ball must be rated to take the weight, and the ball has to be at the right height. Once you have determined the proper weight class, choose a ball mount of a high enough class for your trailer, and set up your ball mount and ball for proper towing....
    Volkswagen Fox was available in the following models:
    Base • GL • GL Sport