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Bolt Lock

BOLT Lock, also known as Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, is a product line established in 2009 by STRATTEC Security Corp., the world's largest maker of automotive keys, locks, and related access control products. BOLT Lock strains every nerve to embrace the latest technologies to find high-quality, creative, and affordable solutions for its customers.

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    • Bolt Lock® Spare Tire Carrier Lock
      (0 reviews)
      # 4108
      Spare Tire Carrier Lock by Bolt Lock®. Trailer Spare Tire Lock; Polybag Packaging.
      $26.52 - $37.99
    • Bolt Lock® Tool Box Latch
      (0 reviews)
      # 4106
      Tool Box Latch by Bolt Lock®. Locking Tool Box Latch. Bolt locks feature a solid zinc core, automotive grade cylinder with patented 6 plate-tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping, a stainless steel lock shutter to keep out...
    • Bolt Lock® Trailer Hitch Pin Lock
      (3 reviews)
      # 4112
      Trailer Hitch Pin Lock by Bolt Lock®. Receiver Lock; Clamshell Packaging.

    BOLT product line is a result of intensive scientific work of highly-skilled engineers at the STRATTEC Security corporation. Giving an opportunity to set all their locks to work with one key, the ignition one, these locks are just the ticket for truck drivers who pull a trailer or haul gear every so often. Besides, these products feature the highest corrosion resistance rating on the auto market and are nearly impossible to pick. To make a long story short, BOLT keys save space in your pockets and bring additional protection from thieves to your road warrior.

    BOLT was thrust into the intensely competitive aftermarket as soon as it was launched at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show, the perfect place to capture the attention of both buffs and everyday drivers. What is no less important is that the brand has never rested on its laurels and still follows up on its success at SEMA, earning various awards such as SEMA Light Truck Accessory Alliance, SEMA Global Media, and ICAST New Product.

    Bolt Lock Reviews
    Average rating: 5 4.9 - 4 reviews
    2007 Chevy Silverado | Posted by Chris | (Dallas, TX)

    I inherited a 2007 Silverado in very good shape, and Ultra low mileage. Living in the "big city", it bothered me that the tailgate was not locking. Tailgates stolen are pricey to replace - I knew there had to be a solution and stumbled on this locking tailgate handle kind of by accident, I couldn't believe the statement that it would mold itself to my original ignition key, and figured it was 1 of two things, either impossibly hard to install, or would not work correctly after attempting to key itself. I was greatly surprised on both counts as it was very easy to install and keyed perfectly. Now I let all my friends know of the manufacturer and that they instructions included are explicit and correct on every detail. I sure am glad I was steered to CARiD, and appreciate the quick shipping, I will ensure to use them again if I need anything further for my truck.

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