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    Toyota Matrix: New-Gen Will Hardly Be Revealed
    Toyota Matrix: New-Gen Will Hardly Be Revealed

    According to the recent report, posted by WardsAuto, the Nissan Matrix's future is under consideration. This means that one of the most popular hatchbacks of the North American students may be killed or replaced. The sales figures demonstrate the weak demand for this car. The Japanese automaker currently considers whether or not to develop a new Matrix model, which debuted in 2002 as a joint work of such automotive giants as Toyota Motor Company and General Motors. The same year the auto manufacturer reported about significant sales with 66,836 units sold in U.S. That period was the most successful one for the hatchback.

    “There’s no change right now on the car, (but) we haven’t made the decision yet” on whether there will be a new Matrix model, Bob Carter, group vice president and general manager says. The hatchback uses the Corolla's platform and this is one of the grounds for doubts. The matter is that the automaker is going to reveal the next-gen Corolla somewhere in 2013.

    Sales report is one of the major reasons, which may force Toyota to kick the Matrix off the portfolio for a certain period. Figures for the past two years demonstrates that the quantity of the Matrix's enthusiasts in the United States becomes smaller. Last year 14,492 cars were sold, while in 2009 26,121 hatchbacks were delivered to their customers. Three years earlier 49,567 drivers decided to buy this car. In Canada, where the Matrix model is produced, the car remains on top with its high-volume sales.