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    You have a Toyota because it’s dependable and fun, and the number of vehicles wearing a Toyota badge ensures you can find the perfect one for your lifestyle. When you find it, you want it to look as good as it possibly can every time you drive it, since you know people are going to make certain assumptions based on what they see. While cleaning it is obviously an important part of this, what will make all the difference is installing aftermarket accessories, like a set of Toyota caliper covers!

    You want to find the perfect set of caliper covers to suit your vehicle and any existing accessories, which is why we have a wide range of different colors, styles and logos, all made by some of the most trusted brands in the industry! A set of caliper covers will not only improve the way your vehicle looks, but can also minimize the amount of brake dust your wheels are covered in, and brakes will run a little cooler so they last a bit longer and save you money. You will even be surprised to see just how easy it is to install a new set of caliper covers!

    Being the easiest way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, caliper covers provide you with that special and unique style your vehicle really deserves. Whether you want to finish the sporty image with the red caliper covers or need something matching your vehicle's paint, we store the right set of caliper covers for you. Each single accessory promises easy installation, convenient maintenance, and dependable performance. And as soon as you have your caliper covers installed, you'll stay and wonder what you did without them. You are welcome to read 19 caliper cover reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find the accessory that reflects your sense of style.

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    2007 Toyota Avalon
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    "Appearance is good. They look a lot better than stock calipers. Price is a bit steep. Considering the look and quality, I feel that $100-$125 would be a fair price. They are nothing more than aluminum plates that are hand painted. I noticed that a couple of them had lint and dust in the paint. Other than that, they are very sturdy and everything fits into place very well. Installation was a breeze. I have BBS wheels and I was able to install them without taking off my wheels. All four only took about 20 minutes. The rears fit in between my spokes, and I was able to put the fronts on by bringing the covers in from behind the wheel, then flipping them over the caliper. Extremely easy. So, in short I like them. However, still feel guilty for spending $179.00 for them. I will wait until the price becomes more realistic before purchasing additional pairs for my other vehicles. "

    2011 Toyota Camry
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    "Installed the item on my vehicle yesterday and they look great. I have yet to install my chrome wheels which will enhance them and show they are a cut above the rest. The previous products from CARiD were quality items and I am satisfied with them. Looking forward to ordering other products in the future, which will further enhance the appearance of my vehicle. Regards, Ronald J."

    2004 Toyota Solara
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    "Thanks again to CARiD! Love the look of these caliper covers on my 2004 Toyota Solara, with vented rotors and aftermarket wheels, it turned my car into quite the nice ride. Tks again!"

    2010 Toyota Camry
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    "I added the red caliper covers to my black Camry with chrome wheels. I have already received compliments and people inquiring about them. I had them professionally installed. The wheel weights had to be moved to the back of the wheels due to a clearance issue. After the weights were moved back they fit perfectly. The installer re-balanced my wheels and everything turned out perfectly. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the covers and the look of them. They give the vehicle an upgraded look and feel, and it is kind of cool to see some people taking a second look. "

    2008 Toyota Tundra
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    "These calipers fit my Tundra 2010 perfectly. I bought them for my Uncle's truck originally but they did not fit his since it has the platinum packages and there was very little room between the type of rims he has and the brake pads. These pads improve the looks significantly. Great buy."