MGP Caliper Covers

Protects the Wheels from Brake Dust

One of the most popular mods for cars and trucks is large diameter custom wheels and low profile tires. We could go on and on about how fantastic plus size wheels and tires look, but one of the unintended consequences of this mod is exposing some parts that don't look so great…like your brake calipers. Brake calipers were designed with function in mind, and they operated in obscurity until the advent of plus size thin spoke wheels.

MGP caliper covers aren't the only solution. You can try painting your calipers, but be prepared for a lot of work. First you'll need to get the whole car up on jack stands. Then you'll have to decide whether to paint them in place or disassemble them. Either way, everything will have to be completely clean or the paint won't stick. If you're painting the calipers in place, you'll need to use a brush, but there will be areas that will be hard to get to.

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Aftermarket calipers look cool, and they'll work better than your stock calipers, but you better be sitting down when you hear their cost or you might fall over from sticker shock aftermarket brake calipers should only be considered if you mainly want an upgrade in brake function. They're much stiffer than most original equipment calipers, for better brake feel and reduced fade, and worth every penny for the way they can make your vehicle stop.

MGP was begun because Mike Barland experienced the same dilemma as the rest of us. He couldn't find anything that would improve the appearance of his brake calipers that worked to his satisfaction, so he decided to do something about it. He put 26 years of engineering experience into the project, along with technologies developed for the manufacturing of titanium, stainless steel and aluminum products for the aerospace and recreation industries.

  • MGP® - Silver Caliper Covers with Cadillac CTS Logo
  • MGP® - Red Custom Caliper Covers
  • MGP® - Matte Black Caliper Covers with Yellow Camaro Logo
  • MGP® - Gloss Red Custom Caliper Covers
  • MGP® - Gloss Yellow Caliper Covers on Dodge Charger
  • MGP® - Purple Caliper Covers with Charger R/T Logo
  • MGP® - Gloss Red Caliper Covers
  • MGP® - Gloss Blue Caliper Covers with Stampede 351 Logo
  • MGP® - Gloss Red Caliper Covers with Most Wanted Logo
  • MGP® - Gloss Yellow Caliper Covers with Lexus Logo
  • MGP® - Gloss Amber Caliper Covers with Magnusson Logo
  • MGP® - Gree Caliper Covers with Ford Oval Logo

MGP caliper covers not only enhance the appearance of original equipment brake calipers, they also benefit you and your vehicle in 2 other ways. If you're fastidious about your wheels then you know what kind of problem brake dust can be. MGP caliper covers will reduce the amount of brake dust that collects on your wheels, so your wheels will stay looking good longer between cleanings. Your calipers will also run cooler with MGP Caliper Covers.

But MGP knows that you mainly want caliper covers for appearance. To that end, they make their caliper covers so they don't just hide an unattractive part, but create a look of their own. MGP caliper covers are available in multiple colors, and they can even make them the same shade as the paint on your car or truck if you supply the paint code. You can also choose from a selection of logos to further customize your caliper covers.

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2013 Ford F-150
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The blue on black looks great behind black rims.

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