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Saab, a Swedish company originally specializing in the production of military aircraft, was founded in 1937. As an automobile manufacturer, Saab was established in 1945, when the company started to look for new markets to compensate for decreased demand for fighter planes after the war. 50 engineers led by Gunnar Langstroma were involved in the creation of the first vehicle. This model, the 92001 prototype, was shaped like an airplane wing and featured impressive aerodynamics. Boasting a unique experience in aircraft engineering, the experts at Saab managed to use their achievements in aviation in the production of cars. Today the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors with the headquarters in Trollhättan, Sweden. Nowadays Saab is famous for engineering exceptionally safe cars.

Our store offers any Saab starting & charging parts you may need to restore your vehicle. We cooperate with top manufacturers, so you can be sure about the reliability of the products we sell. Browse our online catalog to find quality starting & charging parts, including battery heaters, battery terminals, remanufactured starters, alternators, power converters, and much more. Each an every component is available at an affordable price that won’t drain your pocket.

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