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Royal Purple, Inc is a privately-held company that is currently headquartered in Porter, Texas. It was given birth in 1986, but its roots go back even further. Today the manufacturer offers an immense number of products for nearly every application, including automotive, marine, motorcycle, and racing. The RP experts have more than two centuries of combined experience in creating state-of-the-art lubricants.

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    • Royal Purple® HPS™ Multi-Grade High Performance Street Motor Oil
      (2 reviews)
      HPS™ Multi-Grade High Performance Street Motor Oil by Royal Purple®. It's specially formulated for those seeking a higher level of performance and outstanding protection for their engine. The oil improves the condition of...
      Improves performanceOptimizes fuel economy
      # 12156262
    • Royal Purple® API-Licensed Multi-Grade High Performance Motor Oil
      (1 reviews)
      API-Licensed High Performance Motor Oil by Royal Purple®. Upgrade your engine fluid to Royal Purple. This oil greatly contributes to increased horsepower and torque while improving fuel efficiency. Besides, the oil delivers...
      $132.70from $106.16 - $170.64
      # 12156165
    • Royal Purple® Max Gear™ High Performance Gear Oil
      (1 reviews)
      Max Gear™ High Performance Gear Oil by Royal Purple®. It's designed to deliver maximum protection to heavily loaded gears while boosting power throughout the drivetrain. The high performance oil makes gears run smoother, quieter,...
      $21.00from $16.80 - $240.08
      # 12156247
    • Royal Purple® Max ATF™ Automatic Transmission Fluid
      (1 reviews)
      Max ATF™ Automatic Transmission Fluid by Royal Purple®. This is a case of 12 x 32-ounce bottles. It significantly reduces heat and wear to extend the life of your transmission. The Max ATF is fully compatible with other automatic...
      # 1350861
    • Royal Purple® Purple Ice™ Radiator Coolant Additive
      (1 reviews)
      Purple Ice™ Radiator Coolant Additive by Royal Purple®. This high performance radiator conditioner ensures year-round defense against corrosion. Besides, it reduces the surface tension of your radiator coolant to lower engine...
      Improves radiator performanceProvides extra corrosion protection
      $17.99from $14.39 - $172.69
      # 12156231
    • Royal Purple® Max-Cycle™ Motorcycle Engine Oil
      (1 reviews)
      Max-Cycle™ Motorcycle Engine Oil by Royal Purple®. It's designed to meet the demands of highly stressed engines and transmissions. The Max-Cycle provides outstanding film strength to significantly reduce wear and heat. Ideal for...
      # 12156300
    • Royal Purple® Synfilm™ Recip. 100 Reciprocating Air Compressor Oil
      (0 reviews)
      Synfilm™ Recip. 100 Reciprocating Air Compressor Oil by Royal Purple®. It's a long-life synthetic lube that greatly improves the reliability and efficiency of both reciprocating air compressors and reciprocating shop compressors....
      $261.63from $209.30 - $264.17
      # 12156211
    • Royal Purple® XPR™ Extreme Performance Racing Oil
      (0 reviews)
      XPR™ Multi-Grade Extreme Performance Racing Oil by Royal Purple®. It's formulated to satisfy the demands of multi-platform racing environments. The oil is combined with additional performance enhancers to create a one-of-a-kind...
      Greater wear protection on start-upEnsures maximum horsepower and torque
      $22.71from $18.17 - $320.65
      # 12156146
    • Royal Purple® Max EZ™ Power Steering Fluid
      (0 reviews)
      Max EZ™ Power Steering Fluid by Royal Purple®. Extend the life of your power steering components and maximize their performance. This fluid combines select synthetic base oils and the RP Synerlec additive technology to stay a...
      $6.83from $5.46 - $65.56
      # 12156224
    • Royal Purple® Break-in Oil
      (0 reviews)
      Break-in Oil by Royal Purple®. This is a case of 12 x 32-ounce bottles. It's formulated to allow for proper ring seal and defend the camshaft and valve train from initial start-up wear. This product offers a combination of a super...
      # 1350548
    • Royal Purple® HP 2-C High Performance 2-Cycle Motor Oil
      (0 reviews)
      HP 2-C High Performance 2-Cycle Motor Oil by Royal Purple®. It considerably enhances performance and reduces wear in pre-mixed and oil-injected gasoline two-cycle engines in motorcycles, outboard motors, chain saws, and the like....
      # 12156238
    • Royal Purple® Synchromax™ Manual Transmission Fluid
      (0 reviews)
      Synchromax™ Manual Transmission Fluid by Royal Purple®. This is a case of 12 x 32-ounce bottles. The fluid is designed to provide exceptional performance while also extend the life of your transmission. The Synchromax greatly...
      # 1350541
    • Royal Purple® Max-Tuff™ Synthetic Assembly Lubricant
      (0 reviews)
      Max-Tuff™ Synthetic Assembly Lubricant by Royal Purple®. Make your equipment operate with greater efficiency and extend its life by simply using this great lube! It minimizes metal-to-metal contact and wear in extreme lubrication...
      $22.78from $18.22 - $218.59
      # 12156295
    • Royal Purple® Maxfilm™ Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant
      (0 reviews)
      Maxfilm™ Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant by Royal Purple®. It is a multipurpose synthetic lube that excels in a broad array of applications. The Maxfilm deeply penetrates, then cleans and loosens rusted parts. Once applied, it...
      $9.31from $7.45 - $144.94
      # 12156290
    • Royal Purple® Ultra-Performance™ Synthetic Grease
      (0 reviews)
      Ultra-Performance™ Synthetic Grease by Royal Purple®, NLGI No. 2. It meets a broad range of grease requirements from the lubrication of bearings to universal joints and general-purpose use. The grease performs well at high...
      $14.25from $11.40 - $114.03
      # 12156204

    John Williams, Royal Purple's founding father, was the first to develop synthetic lubricants in the 1950s. When Mr. Williams retired in the 1980s, he continued to follow his passion for lubrication by serving as a consultant to many different oil companies. It was during that time when Williams was asked to solve constant bearing failures in the huge compressors of one company. Mr. Williams found out that there wasn't a lubricant that could cope with the demands of large equipment. So, he had to put his great background to create a new product that became the cornerstone of Royal Purple’s product line.

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    John Williams developed a new additive technology (known as Synerlec) that fortified lubricants with a tenacious film in order to protect bearings under extreme loads. The technology also provided superior oxidation stability to prolong oil life. So, the new lubricant did solve the company's problems. Since the fluid was much better than anything else out there, it made sense to make it look different from other oils. Williams decided on the purple color and named the company Royal Purple. A long time ago, this color was extremely expensive to produce, and only royalty could afford the cost.

    So, what does the rich Royal Purple product line encompass? They're countless super-premium motor oils and many other unique items, including power steering fluids, automatic transmission fluids, gear oils, chain lubricants, radiator coolant additives, and much more for your specific needs. The company's sole mission was, and still is, to develop goods that considerably outperform the rest of synthetic and mineral-based oils. Therefore, each Royal Purple product is meticulously formulated to maximize the performance of the equipment for which it is intended.

    You probably know that lubricants are the 'life blood' of any vehicle, and that performance of your car directly depends on your selection and use of automotive oils. The unique Royal Purple chemicals dramatically improve combustion for more power, optimized fuel economy, and also reduced emissions. Now let's talk in numbers. Various independent tests proved that the Royal Purple motor oils boost torque and horsepower up to 3% while reducing fuel consumption by around 5%. Meanwhile, the emission reduction achieves the figure of 20%! Well, that's exactly what you're guaranteed to get with the package.

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    1992 Chevy CK Pickup | Posted by David | (Indianapolis, IN)

    It is a good thing to have if your trucks or vehicle ever gets to hot. It is just get it at any auto shop. It cost a lot less than CARiD and Summit Racing.

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