Renault Fuel System Parts

You will find premium quality Renault fuel delivery parts such as the Carter Fuel Pressure Regulators 404-501HP on our site. These parts are engineered with the most innovative technologies to guarantee their perfect fitment and long lasting efficiency. They operate at an adjustable pressure of between 1-6psi making them ideal for a wide range of applications. They feature a non return configuration and are located inline. The female threads, in stock inlet and outlets further enhance their flow rates allowing you to fine tune the pressure in the fuel lines for better performance. They are constructed from heavy duty steel, using precision computer machinating methods for enhanced fitment and remarkable resilience. They are further polished for addition protection against corrosion or rusting which can degrade their efficiency. They are sold individually and are available in many different designs making them perfect for a wide range of applications. All the necessary tools required for a stress free installation are provided along with a detailed set of instructions. They are further backed with a 1 year warranty from Carter.

You will also find the Edelbrock High Performance In-Tank Fuel Pumps. These Renault fuel delivery parts infuse your engine with mod ready fuel for consistent peak performance in all types of applications. They are extensively test fitted in each situation to ensure they replace the OE in-tank fuel pump without any trouble. You can choose between models that offer flow rates of between 41 to 67gph depending on your everyday applications. These parts will support all the performance modifications you make in your car further enriching your driving experience. A chrome mounting bracket along with all the necessary tools and detailed installation instructions are also provided. They are further backed by a 1 year warranty from Edelbrock, which covers a wide range of damages.