Pontiac G6 Trailer Hitches

About Pontiac G6 Trailer Hitches

CARiD understands how important its customers are and they aim to always please them at all times. This is the reason as to why they do not compromise when it comes to the type of products as well as the services they offer. It is the only place where you will find state of the art Pontiac G6 Trailer Hitches. These are products that have been manufactured by only the best in the industry with brand names like Rugged Ridge, CURT, Hidden Hitch, Pro Series and Draw Tite among others gracing the shop’s shelves. With such products, you are assured of having a trailer hitch which is durable for your Pontiac G6. CARiD’s custom trailer hitches have been crafted by some of the best engineering professionals in the country meaning their excellence is next to none. When you purchase the trailer hitch, you will be able to understand the true carrying potential of your car. You will get a manual as well as template with every purchase that you make. These two are very important because they will act as a guide when you are bolting the trailer hitch onto your car.

At the shop you will also find the correct hitch accessories that you should use to set up the trailer. Some of the accessories that you will find are hitch covers, electrical connectors as well as components, balls and mounts to bolt on and hitches covers among others. These are the best products money can buy and are from the best manufactures in the industry. The only way that you will be able to know that you, your passengers as well as the cargo you are carrying are safe is by getting the correct hitch for your for your Pontiac G6, and you will find this at CARiD.

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Trailer hitches, properly called receiver hitches, are all the rage in our truck-obsessed society. When 50% of the new vehicle purchases in the USA today are some kind of pickup truck, SUV, or minivan, the addition of a hitch at the rear of the vehicle makes perfect sense. Depending on the vehicle, a properly installed and rated rear hitch can pull up to 18,000...
There are four major types of trailer hitches, regardless of whether they are installed at the factory or added on afterward. A hitch may simply have a bar sticking out past the bumper with a ball mounted to it. Or there may be a square receiver that takes a ball mount that slides into it. In all cases, there are different weight ratings.
When you’re setting up your trailer with a new tow vehicle, several things need to be considered: the ball mount and ball must be rated to take the weight, and the ball has to be at the right height. Once you have determined the proper weight class, choose a ball mount of a high enough class for your trailer, and set up your ball mount and ball for proper towing....