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    Equipping your Plymouth with a premium exhaust system is the surest way to excellence. CARiD stocks a large variety of Plymouth exhaust systems, providing a wide choice for your selection. For instance, consider installing a Flowmaster extra duty oval catalytic converter, manufactured from stainless steel material, which does not succumb to rusting, flaking or chipping. This exhaust system is manufactured under the highest standards to ensure compliance with federal environmental regulations on carbon emissions. It’s also fine-tuned to produce awesome sound. The Flowmaster muffler produces a deep tone, so tuned to match the power of your car. It is also mandrel-bent to ensure smooth flow of exhaust gases from the cylinders.

    If the Flowmaster does not impress you, consider installing the MagnaFlow street series cross member cat-back exhaust system for Plymouth models instead. This is a dual split exhaust system which aids in the rapid evacuation of exhaust gases and swift inflow of fresh oxygen to fill the engine cylinders, a necessary requirement for increased horsepower. In addition, they also come with a polished exhaust tip to accentuate the good looks of your car. With proper care, the glossy shine on the exhaust remains for a lifetime. So apart from more power, you have great looks to go with it! The Gibson dual extreme cat-back exhaust system would also be an apt choice for your Plymouth. It comes with a polished stainless exhaust tip, a welcome addition to your car’s beauty. The dealers provide an instruction manual to aid with the installation process. You have the option of having the repair people at the local body shop install for you, or even better install it yourself. This should only take a moment. The manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship provided the owner retains the vehicle for the entire duration.

    Unbridled power and outrageous sound - that's what accompanies each exhaust system we store for you on our digital shelves. Manufactured from the premium materials using the latest technologies, they all are ready to complete the image of your vehicle and give you instant horsepower and torque gains. After an exhaust system is installed, your vehicle will roar like a lion and run like a cheetah. Have doubts? Read over 2 exhaust system reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the product that will satisfy your needs.

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    "This muffler looks awesome on my car and sounds great! I have noticed a little bit of extra power added as well. It made my car sound deeper and not as high pitched when I am speeding up. I would defenently recommend this product to anyone!"