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With the state-of-the-art facilities in California and Idaho, Flowmaster offers innovative products that are the result of years of development that involves numerous hours of dyno research and real-world tests. Committed to continuous development, today Flowmaster manufactures everything you may need to unleash the road monster that sleeps within your engine, from complete exhaust systems to race products and everything in between.

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    • (52 reviews)
      $301.68from $241.34 - $1,048.36
      American Thunder™ Exhaust System by Flowmaster®. American Thunder gives you the Mild-Moderate Sound / Moderate Sound / Aggressive Sound / Moderate-Aggressive Sound / Mild Sound (depends on application and exhaust type) of a...
      # 25
    • (1 reviews)
      $766.03from $612.82 - $1,111.00
      Scavenger Series 6-2-1 Style Headers by Flowmaster®. Replace your restrictive factory exhaust manifolds with these stainless steel headers and let your engine breath! These headers are easy to install because they’re designed to...
      # 847
    • (2 reviews)
      $406.63from $325.30 - $723.04
      dBX™ Exhaust System by Flowmaster®. The dBX Series produces an exhaust note with the same moderate sound or mild-moderate sound, deep tone and great acceleration sound as the American Thunder systems at a lower decibel rate and...
      # 37
    • (0 reviews)
      $844.99from $675.99 - $734.56
      Delta Force Exhaust Systems by Flowmaster®. AGGRESSIVE SOUND. The Delta Force Exhaust Systems feature the 40-Series mufflers, which offer a combination of maximum power and substantial dB-reduction compared to open headers. They...
      # 38
    • (30 reviews)
      $338.40from $270.72 - $1,469.12
      Force II™ Exhaust System by Flowmaster®. The Force II Series is designed for a mild, moderate, or mild - moderate performance tone experience (depends on application and exhaust type), suitable for everyday street driving. The...
      # 5
    • (8 reviews)
      $31.48from $25.18 - $78.66
      Universal Stainless Steel Polished Angle Rolled EdgeTip by Flowmaster®. Finish off your installation of your performance exhaust system with a Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip. Show off the embossed Flowmaster logo to show you have...
      # 467217
    • (8 reviews)
      $398.75from $319.00 - $994.82
      Outlaw™ Exhaust System by Flowmaster®. The Outlaw System gives you an aggressive sound, moderate sound / moderate-aggressive sound with a rumble that is as close to a racing roar you can get without being arrested. In some places...
      # 39
    • (0 reviews)
      30 Series Delta Force 3-Chamber Race Muffler by Flowmaster®, AGGRESSIVE SOUND. The 10 Series Race mufflers are a compact lightweight single chamber design that will give a noticeable sound reduction compared to open headers,...
      # 42
    • (1 reviews)
      Universal Pro Series™ Stainless Steel Race Muffler with Turn Down by Flowmaster®, MODERATE SOUND, 6" Diameter x 16" Case Length. Laminar Flow Mufflers have applications in all forms of racing. The Cool Shell Technology makes...
      # 898465
    • (0 reviews)
      Universal Scavenger Series Race Collector Muffler by Flowmaster®. These Delta Force Mufflers are designed to attach directly to the exhaust header primary tubes, replacing the collector in sprint and drag racing applications. They...
      # 898468
    • (0 reviews)
      Direct Fit Stainless Steel California Catalytic Converter by Flowmaster®. The new Flowmaster replacement catalytic converters are made to meet and exceed all federal environmental regulations and, as all Flowmaster products, to...
      # 7450
    • (1 reviews)
      $57.70from $46.16 - $52.44
      Universal Scavenger Series Y-Collector by Flowmaster®. The patented Scavenger Y-Collector is based on the principles of Pulse Technology. They are designed to harmonize the exhaust pulses from two cylinders that are at the opposite...
      # 469150
    • (1 reviews)
      $341.05from $272.84 - $367.26
      Universal U-Fit Dual Pipe Kit by Flowmaster®, 16 Pieces. These kits come complete with all the pipes you need to build a custom dual exhaust system in 2.25", 2.50" or 3.00" pipe diameters. They include the front adapter pipes,...
      # 469100
    • (1 reviews)
      $44.60from $35.68 - $63.76
      Universal Stainless Steel Brushed Angle Cut Turndown Tip by Flowmaster®. Finish off your installation of your performance exhaust system with a Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip. Show off the embossed Flowmaster logo to show you have...
      # 467202
    • (1 reviews)
      $111.25from $89.00 - $141.66
      Universal Outlaw™ Race Muffler by Flowmaster®, AGGRESSIVE SOUND. These mufflers are very small and lightweight. Attached directly to the collector they generally produce more power than open headers, while taking “the edge”...
      # 898456

    Equipped with a Flowmaster exhaust system, your vehicle will get noticed wherever you drive. Designed to deliver maximum performance combined with the sound you need, all the exhaust systems have one thing in common - the quality. They are manufactured using the up-to-date equipment to reach the level of precision you deserve, and made from the top-quality 304 stainless steel to ensure the durability you can rely on.

    Flowmaster - Exhaust Systems Flowmaster - Mufflers Family of Sound Flowmaster - Videos Flowmaster - FAQs Flowmaster - About and Warranty Flowmaster - Gallery

    The company offers five types of exhaust systems to meet your needs. The mildest tone is offered by the Force II system, which increases the performance and is not too aggressive for street driving. The dBX exhaust system is a perfect solution for the sport compacts and import vehicles. It offers a deeper tone and great acceleration sound. If you prefer something wilder, opt for Pro-Series exhaust. It features a deeper tone with aggressive sound characteristics.

    What makes the Flowmaster mufflers unique is that their performance improvements are combined with the unmistakable sound. Some of the mufflers such as the Super 10 Series are so loud that they're not recommended for use on the street-driven vehicles, however for the racing applications they are a must. From the powerful and ruthless tone of the Super 44 Series to the quiet and pleasant yet rich tone of the 70 Series, you'll easy find something that will unleash the true character of your vehicle.

    • Flowmaster® - Ford Mustang Exhaust System
    • Flowmaster® - Classic Exhaust System
    • Flowmaster® - Exhaust System on Chevy Chevelle Ss
    • Flowmaster® - Chevy Camaro Exhaust System
    • Flowmaster® - Quadruple Exhaust System
    • Flowmaster® - Exhaust System on Chevy Camaro
    • Flowmaster® - Exhaust System on Chevy Camaro Z28
    • Flowmaster® - Hushpower Exhaust System
    • Flowmaster® - Performance Exhaust
    • Flowmaster® - Chevy Exhaust
    • Flowmaster® - Exhaust System on Chrysler Wagon
    • Flowmaster® - Exhaust System on Classic Car

    Flowmaster mufflers are manufactured using either a chambered or laminar muffler technology. The chambered mufflers feature the Delta Flow technology, which provides advanced noise cancellation, ensuring superior scavenging of exhaust gases. The laminar mufflers are the latest generation in the Flowmaster family. They accelerate the exhaust flow as it passes through the tapered core and expands into the outer core areas, which improves performance and delivers a deep mellow exhaust tone.

    The Flowmaster's line of installation accessories is created for professional installers and DIY-builders. These products perfectly work with the Flowmaster mufflers in custom installations and guarantee years of reliable service. The company designed a variety of various pipe kits that can suit the needs of even the most discerning aficionados. No matter what you need to assemble your custom exhaust system, reliable pipes or tailpipes, Flowmaster has you covered.

    The U-Fit Dual pipe kits are universal kits that come complete with all the pipes required to build a custom dual exhaust system. And the Installer Series pipe kits allow for the flexibility that is needed to build an exhaust for a modified vehicle. Flowmaster also offers you Universal Scavenger pipe kits, known as X-Pipes, which perfectly balance out the pressure difference between the sides of the exhaust. Unlike the traditional X-pipes, the Scavenger kits feature patented D-port technology that delivers the classic Flowmaster sound.

    The Flowmaster's legacy is deeply rooted in racing technologies. In fact, the brand itself was born on the racetrack. And it's not another fish story. The first ever Flowmaster muffler was built to resolve the excessive sound issues of the high-powered race cars. Till today, the company's R&D department is constantly working with leading race teams and engine builders to find ways for improvement and development of new racing accessories. The active search for challenges results in new solutions, all targeted at achieving the ultimate goal - victory.

    Race products by Flowmaster are created to help you get the most out of your vehicle. The Flowmaster 30 Series, 60 Series, and 50 Series mufflers are designed to be the quietest mufflers ever built, while the Outlaw Series is designed for power yet not strict dB restrictions. If you need to squeeze something into a limited space, Flowmaster offers the 10 Series and Scavenger Series mufflers. With the race products offered by Flowmaster, you're guaranteed to get maximum horsepower coupled with an increased and broader torque curve.

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    Average rating: 4.5 4.7 - 224 reviews
    | Posted by Jorge | (Denver, CO)

    Was extremely easy to install and looked really powerful right out the box! Nice, strong sound to it.

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