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    NSF Racing 1962 Plymouth Fury Accomplishes Mission Impossible
    NSF Racing 1962 Plymouth Fury Accomplishes Mission Impossible

    There’s life in the old dog yet. This is how the NSF Racing ‘62 Plymouth Fury’s performance at the recent 24 Hours of LeMons event could be described. In the competition where only cars that cost no more than $500 can participate, the Fury won the Index of Effluency prize, which recognizes the team that accomplishes the greatest results with the most improbable car.

    The trophy didn’t come easily to the NSF team and their Plymouth Fury: the car had numerous mechanical problems and never did more than a few dozen laps at one time. With failing carburetor, broken driver’s seat and with oil being forced out of every possible gasket, the Fury looked a disaster. Therefore, the more monumental its achievement of 218 laps around the Carolina Motorsports Park road course was. Those distance was enough for the brave Plymouth to beat out the Sputnik ’86 Nissan Stanza wagon (441 laps) or the Speedycop and the Gang of Outlaws Parnelli Jones Galaxie (243 laps) for the Index of Effluency. Bravo, NSF Racing!