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The Chrysler’s Plymouth division has been one of the company’s most venerable and well-known marques. Tracing its history back to 1928, the brand was the parent corporation’s entry into the mainstream car market and with time became one of the best-selling marques in the US. Designed to bring the upscale features and superior build quality in an affordable package for most car buyers, the Plymouth vehicles hit a sweet spot between luxury, performance and practicality. Well-known for its efficient people movers as well as for the iconic Barracuda and the stylish Road Runner muscle cars, the Plymouth name lives on in the meticulously restored vehicles of the classic era.

Whether you are into muscle car restoration or you own a classic Plymouth you’d like to put to good use, you’ll like the assortment of Plymouth interior parts we provide at our online store. Crafted to conform to the highest demands of the restoration enthusiasts, the quality aftermarket items we offer range from the stylish seat covers and dash kits to various sheetmetal replacements and hardware you’ll need to guarantee the solid underpinnings if your restoration effort. Put your classic Plymouth back on track with our selection of upgrades and replacements for your car’s cabin.

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