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    • (72 reviews)
      Ultimate Bull Bar with Stainless Steel Skid Plate by Westin®. The secret of living a peaceful life in the asphalt jungle is to add a scary edge to your looks. The Ultimate Bull Bar is perfect for the purpose. Available in chrome...
      $323.23from $258.58 - $403.89
      # 355
    • (2 reviews)
      Bull Bar by Smittybilt®. Add protection and rugged styling to the front of your rig with this easy to install Bull Bar. Crafted from thick 3" tubular steel, it includes a heavy-duty skid plate and it's drilled for off-road lights...
      $212.49from $169.99 - $299.99
      # 7895
    • (0 reviews)
      4" Alumalite Big Horn Bull Bar with Stainless Skid Plate by Aries®. Alumalite 4" bull bars are constructed from hardened T6 aluminum, making them very lightweight yet incredibly strong. Aries coat aluminum bull bars in a textured...
      $367.35from $293.88 - $320.17
      # 8120
    • (60 reviews)
      3" Bull Bar by Tuff-Bar®. This affordable, durable and tough bull bar comes with all the brackets and hardware necessary for a no-drill easy installation on your specific truck. Tuff-Bar stays affordable by the use of modern...
      $189.00from $151.20 - $186.62
      # 367
    • (86 reviews)
      3" Bull Bar with Stainless Skid Plate by Aries®. From the cattle rancher on the open range to the industrial man of the asphalt jungle to the jerky-jawing trail hog of the north woods, the Aries 3" bull bar is made for those who...
      $226.80from $181.44 - $263.38
      # 10
    • (117 reviews)
      3" Bull Bar by SteelCraft®. This is a bull bar that offers both real protection and elegance. The removable skid plate prevents damage to sensitive parts of the engine and transmission. The bar provides a convenient pre-drilled...
      $178.91from $143.13 - $186.06
      # 21
    • (42 reviews)
      Bull Bar by Black Horse Off Road®. If you want to enhance your vehicle's front-end protection and add a perfect finishing touch to its exterior, go with this great bull bar. The part is constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing to...
      $350.00from $280.00 - $320.00
      # 2645
    • (18 reviews)
      3" Bull Bar by Dee Zee®. Protect the front and underside of your vehicle from stray animals, tree stumps, tire track ruts, and other unforeseen perils with Dee Zee’s Bull Bar. 3" diameter steel bars with a skid plate offer the...
      $185.39from $148.31 - $213.73
      # 959
    • (1 reviews)
      3.5" Oval Bull Bar by Black Horse Off Road®. If you want to enhance your vehicle's front-end protection and add a perfect finishing touch to its exterior, go with this great bull bar. The part is constructed of heavy-duty steel...
      # 7421
    • (12 reviews)
      Rhino Charger RC2 Front Bar by Go Rhino®. This modern take on the traditional bull bar is made in stainless steel, and it is as tough as it looks. The Charger RC2 has a new bracket system that is separate from the bar itself.
      $203.98from $163.18 - $250.59
      # 2121
    • (50 reviews)
      2" Safari Light Bull Bar by Westin®. The Safari Light Bar transforms the look of compact, mid-size trucks and SUVs, giving them rugged, but not overpowering countenance. Available in polished stainless steel and in mild steel with...
      $142.69from $114.15 - $257.65
      # 6161
    • (20 reviews)
      2.5" Sport Bar by SteelCraft®. Steelcraft Sport Bars are skillfully constructed with high quality 2.5" diameter tubing and are available in T304 polished stainless or black powder coated steel. The optional lighting clamps increase...
      $163.29from $130.63 - $208.48
      # 28
    • (2 reviews)
      Bull Bar with Skid Plate by Bully®. Bully bull bars offer a lean and aggressive look to your truck or SUV while providing protection against minor impacts and damage. Bully pickup bull bars are manufactured from mandrel bent 3 In....
      $280.59from $224.47 - $305.11
      # 2700
    • (6 reviews)
      2.5" Bull Bar by Broadfeet®. Protect your passengers and your vehicle with this tough-as-nails bull bar. It is made from strong stainless steel to withstand extreme road conditions. The skid plate attached to the bull bar elevates...
      $252.00from $201.60 - $280.80
      # 7686
    • (10 reviews)
      3" Bull Bar by Broadfeet®. This durable bull bar is sure to prevent your bumper from cracking in the case of hitting an animal. It is made from strong stainless steel to minimize the amount of damage your vehicle may suffer. This...
      $252.00from $201.60 - $280.80
      # 7687

    Nissan Bull Bars Reviews
    Average rating: 4.5 4.6 - 79 reviews
    2005 Nissan Frontier | Posted by Christopher | (Auburn, AL)

    When I ordered this bar, I was thinking to myself why pay extra? These kinds of things are not real bull bars, so why pay more if they all work the same? You're kidding yourself if you think any of these "bull bars" can actually protect the front of your vehicle from anything more than a shopping cart, regardless of brand. I bought it for a mounting point for KC lights. I feel I was mostly right with going the cheap route. Everything fit together well, although the brackets are labeled incorrectly. P should be passenger and D should be driver, but that wasn't the case. Easy enough to figure out though, it all fits one way and the instructions show how it's supposed to look anyway. Built well, but it did arrive slightly damaged. There is a small gash in the middle bar, away from the sides of the box so it didn't happen during shipping, especially since the packaging wasn't damaged. This wasn't a big deal to me though considering the price I paid, certainly spent less on a dab of touch up paint than what shipping it back probably would've costed. My KC Apollo pros were tricky to install, but no more so than any other bar. Would've been easier if I could hold the nuts in my sockets magnetically. I installed the bar by myself in less than 30 minutes. If you're by yourself and your truck isn't tall, you can lay a towel down and lay the bar face down and get the first two bolts in easy that way. Once the first two are in, you can lift the front and install the other two. Adjusting by myself was a pain, but doable. All in all I'm happy with my purchase and glad I went cheap. I just don't see the value in paying extra for the other brands unless you just have to have a skid plate with a brand name on it. I think it looks good on my 2015 Frontier.

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