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Your Sable is a car that's been through some changes over the years. Starting in the 80's as a midsize, the Sable of old was considered the car of the future because of its unique mode of expression; particularly the “Lightbar” front grille. The final two years of the Sable saw it taking over from the under-selling Montego and becoming a fully-fledged larger model that shared its base design features with the more familiar Ford Taurus. It's a fact that the Sable is one of Mercury's best-selling vehicles of all time. To keep your fuel system in good order, it's important to do a yearly all-over inspection while changing your fuel filter.

The elements in the filter break down due to the constant pressure and caustic affects of the gasoline that runs through it. The Sable has one of the least-expensive fuel filters on the market, starting at a measly $10 for an economy unit from noteworthy brands like Forecast and Bosch. If you have to pull your tank to replace your car's aging fuel pump, updated new OE pumps are available at a reasonable cost from companies like Pilot, Hella, and Kyosan. Don't forget to purchase new gas tank straps from Replace before you go, the old ones tend to break during removal of the gas tank!

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