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    2008 Mercedes E class
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    "The steering wheel looks pretty good overall. The wood and black leather are not the exact match but pretty close. The price is unbeatable! I would recommend CARiD to any Mercedes Benz owner who wants a wood steering wheel but does not want to pay a hefty price for the OEM one."

    2007 Mercedes S Class
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    "I've sent my all-leather Mercedes S550 steering wheel in and a picture in as well by email. When I got my steering wheel back, I couldn't believe the craftsmanship and quality of the work they did with my steering wheel. It is flawless! Perfect!!! It really looks like it came with my car. Very happy and I saved over 500 dollars because brand new from the dealer costs 700 to 800 dollars."

    1996 Mercedes E class
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    "The steering wheel took 5 weeks to get here, not 2-3. The leather was not matched correctly and was cheap quality. The stitching was not straight. Also, the leather was not stretched correctly around the spokes. However, the wood/leather seem was good. All in all, the steering wheel looks good installed, but it has a few quirks if you look at it carefully."