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Headquartered in California, Grant Products was founded in 1922. During its first forty years the company became a well-known and respected manufacturer of engine rebuild kits, piston rings, valve springs, and more. Grant Products built a solid reputation in the engineering and racing community, it also was the first who diversified into steering wheels in 1962 with custom designs for dune buggies.

Grant's innovation in the field of steering wheel production began in the 1960s when they were first to incorporate unbreakable lexan used by astronauts into a line of safety helmets and steering wheels for racecar and motorcycle applications. The company branched into steering wheels for boats and heavy trucks during the 1970s, and continued to advance the state of steering wheel technology with conversion kits that added tilt function, and street legal removable steering wheels for the ultimate theft proof protection. With this line of steering wheels Grant became a renowned specialist in this product field.

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Behind the wheel, nothing feels as good in your hands as wood or pure metal does. Original craftsmen realized these were the best and most satisfying natural materials to craft steering wheels from. Now you can add the beauty and feel of wood, metal, and chrome to your classic with replacement steering wheels from Grant. So if your existing wood steering wheel has become cracked, discolored, or stained with oils transferred from human hands, you can restore your car’s original look and feel with the wide selection you’ll see here from CARiD.

  • Grant® - Mustang Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Custom Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Custom Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Custom Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Clasic Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Clasic Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Clasic Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Clasic Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Clasic Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Clasic Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Clasic Combination Style Steering Wheel
  • Grant® - Clasic Style Combination Steering Wheel

Grant offers the Classic Series of steering wheels with black foam and vinyl-wrapped rims nicely framing spokes finished in chrome in order to represent the best of traditional hot-rodding. For the classic low rider outlaw look, we offer chain link steering wheels with actual chain sections welded together, then uniformly finished in dazzling chrome or 14-karat gold. The Classic Series also contains wood-framed wheels with flat or deep-dish spokes finished in black matt for those seeking the GT cruiser look that was popular in the 1970s. And these are only several series available on

Grant is also a premier producer of quick release steering wheels and components for racetrack applications. Grant quick release hubs are among the best on the market, and once installed they pay dividends time and time again in the heat of the race when there is no room for error. There’s no fiddling with pins or complex release equipment because the clever design of the quick release hubs features a slip-ring clamp that locks the steering wheel frame in place on the splined steering shaft. Simply apply upward and outward pressure to remove the clamp, then slide your wheel on or off. These parts meet all NHRA racetrack guidelines, and you’ll be ready for the starting line once your hubs and adapters are in place. Grant also offers fitted steering wheel center pads to cover hub components.

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