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    Your C Class is the perfect vehicle for those long trips away or for the short trips to the store or work, which means you spend a lot of people in it. This means you need it to look as good as it possibly can so you know people are going to make the right assumptions when they see it, but keeping it clean only achieves so much. What makes all the difference is the right aftermarket accessories, and we have everything you need including Mercedes C Class caliper covers!

    Because your vehicle needs to stand out, you need to find caliper covers with the right colors, style and logo, which is why we have a wide range of them. We also have some of the most trusted brands to ensure you get the right quality. When you have a set of caliper covers installed you will find that the brakes run a little cooler so they can last longer, and the wheels will be covered in a much smaller amount of brake dust so they are easier to clean. We even have stunning prices so you get the value for money you deserve!

    Being the easiest way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, caliper covers provide you with that special and unique style your vehicle really deserves. Whether you want to finish the sporty image with the red caliper covers or need something matching your vehicle's paint, we store the right set of caliper covers for you. Each single accessory promises easy installation, convenient maintenance, and dependable performance. And as soon as you have your caliper covers installed, you'll stay and wonder what you did without them. You are welcome to read 3 caliper cover reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find the accessory that reflects your sense of style.

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    Some calipers, particularly some of the basic single or 2 piston models, just aren’t that great looking. Painting them will pretty them up, but won’t change their basic design. But painting means a lot of time and effort for possibly questionable results. You can always count on caliper covers to look great. For the average popular late model car they’re...

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    2012 Mercedes C Class
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    "The quality of these covers is amazing! The color is perfect as is the AMG logo engraving. I would recommend these to anyone...actually, I already have. Thanks to Joe at CARiD for all his help and e-mail communication."

    Mercedes C Class was available in the following models:
    190D • 190E • C200 • C220 • C230 • C240 • C250 • C280 • C300 • C32 AMG • C320 • C350 • C36 AMG • C43 AMG • C55 AMG • C63 AMG and submodels: 2.2 • 2.5 • 2.5 Turbo • 2.3 • 2.3-16 • 2.6 • Kompressor Avantgarde • Kompressor Classic • Base • Exclusive • Clasico • Elegance • Kompressor • Classic • Kompressor Elegance • Kompressor Sport • Sport • 4Matic • Luxury • 4Matic Luxury • 4Matic Sport • Avantgarde • Black Series • Edition 507