Jeep Cherokee Performance Exhaust Systems

The Jeep Cherokee has always stood out as the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. It is the ultimate survival vehicle as it performs equally well on rocky, sandy or even muddy ground. However, with all its strength and versatility the Jeep Cherokee does not achieve its full potential because of an underperforming exhaust system, which restricts the flow of gases within its cylinders. This blockage prevents the complete unleashing of its ‘monster’ power. To overcome this flaw, replace the stock exhaust system with an aftermarket exhaust system from CARiD. Aftermarket Cherokee Exhaust Systems enhance performance by sucking out exhaust gases within the cylinders. This creates sufficient room for oxygen to flow thereby increasing efficiency in the engine. The free movement of air provides the additional kick your jeep needs to produce more horse power and torque for better performance. In addition to this, fuel expenses are reduced due to increased efficiency in engine functionality.

The aftermarket Cherokee exhaust system is made from stainless steel, guaranteeing protection from corrosion for a long time to come. But all this does not amount to much if it still sounds the same as it did with the factory exhaust system in place. To complete its persona, the new system gives your beloved Cherokee a new growl confirming its new position at the top of the food chain among the reigning road masters. CARiD’s exhaust units come with everything required for installation including the instruction manual. Accord yourself the honor of installing it or have the local repair shop install it for you. Regardless of who does the installation, you are assured of quality performance for a long time to come. Let your Cherokee be the best it can be by installing the Jeep Cherokee exhaust system and take your rightful place among the highway masters of the world!

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    • Borla® Stainless Steel Exhaust System
      (16 reviews)
      # 229
      Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System by Borla®. When you want the best performing, best sounding, and highest quality exhaust system, you want Borla. Borla straight-through mufflers and mandrel-bent exhaust tubes are custom...
      $19.99 - $1,731.99
    • Borla® Stainless Steel Header
      (1 reviews)
      # 231
      Stainless Steel Header by Borla®. Not compatible with power steering. 304 stainless steel for long life. Connects to the factory mid-pipe. Mandrel-bent for smooth curves. Million Mile warranty.
      $418.87 - $1,338.99
    • Gibson® Performance Headers
      (2 reviews)
      # 795
      Performance Headers by Gibson®. Let your engine breathe and gain power and performance with Gibson Performance Headers. These headers will flow much more exhaust than your restrictive factory exhaust manifolds. The increased...
      $338.79 - $631.19
    • MagnaFlow® Street Series Exhaust System
      (73 reviews)
      # 598
      Street Series Exhaust System by MagnaFlow®. The Street Series is designed for customers seeking increased performance and better economy, combined with a powerful and well tuned exhaust note, making a real statement within legal...
      $378.87 - $3,904.65
    • MagnaFlow® Direct Fit Catalytic Converter
      (30 reviews)
      # 839
      Direct Fit Catalytic Converter by MagnaFlow®. If your cat needs replacement, install one that will get you through the smog check and give you more horsepower. This converter will directly replace the factory unit, with little or...
      $82.70 - $3,460.20
    • Banks® Monster™ Exhaust System
      (8 reviews)
      # 722
      Monster™ Exhaust System by Banks®. Improve performance and economy with a Banks Monster Exhaust system. Increased pipe size is only part of it. Banks uses constant-diameter mandrel bending to keep their stainless steel pipes...
      $27.74 - $1,204.07
    • MagnaFlow® MagnaFlow Series Diesel Exhaust System
      (8 reviews)
      # 593
      MagnaFlow Series Diesel Exhaust System by MagnaFlow®. These premium line exhaust systems include mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, polished 100% stainless steel mufflers, band clamps, and double wall tips. Magnaflow systems give...
      $391.65 - $3,466.09
    • Flowmaster® Catalytic Converter
      (13 reviews)
      # 44
      Catalytic Converter by Flowmaster®. The new Flowmaster replacement catalytic converters are made to meet and exceed all federal environmental regulations and, as all Flowmaster products, to deliver the best possible performance....
      $65.18 - $943.42
    • Flowmaster® Standard Duty Oval Catalytic Converter
      (13 reviews)
      # 838
      Standard Duty Oval Catalytic Converter by Flowmaster®. The new Flowmaster replacement catalytic converters are made to meet and exceed all federal environmental regulations and, as all Flowmaster products, to deliver the best...
      $65.18 - $943.42
    • aFe® Mach Force XP Exhaust System
      (3 reviews)
      # 109
      Mach Force XP Exhaust System by aFe®. Get increased exhaust flow, more horsepower and torque, improved performance and lower exhaust gas temperatures with the aFe Mach Force XP Exhaust System. aFe dyno tests every system for...
      $225.00 - $2,995.00
    • aFe® Twisted Steel Header
      (0 reviews)
      # 849
      Twisted Steel Header by aFe®. Replace your stock exhaust manifold with these headers and gain 7-12 horsepower and 9-19 pound feet of torque. aFe optimized the tube lengths for maximum flow and velocity, to deliver increases across...
      $425.00 - $1,495.00
    • Flowmaster® 220 Series Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter
      (5 reviews)
      # 7124
      The new Flowmaster replacement catalytic converters are made to meet and exceed all federal environmental regulations and, as all Flowmaster products, to deliver the best possible performance. The shells are made of stainless steel,...
      $65.18 - $349.07
    • Banks® TorqueTube™ Exhaust Manifold System
      (1 reviews)
      # 730
      TorqueTube™ Exhaust Manifold System by Banks®. Cast OEM exhaust manifolds just are too restrictive. Replacing them with Banks Torque Tubes will substantially reduce the backpressure where it counts, right at the exhaust ports....
      $399.10 - $1,961.28
    • DynoMax® Super Turbo™ Exhaust System
      (4 reviews)
      # 4394
      Super Turbo™ Exhaust System by DynoMax®. Get improved exhaust flow and reduced back pressure for better performance, and a mellow performance exhaust tone without annoying interior resonance, with this axle-back exhaust system....
      $102.98 - $585.52
    • DynoMax® Ultra Flo™ Polished Stainless Steel Muffler
      (1 reviews)
      # 4402
      Ultra Flo™ Polished Stainless Steel Muffler by DynoMax®. This muffler packs straight-through design for unrestricted exhaust flow and a dyno-proven increase in power inside a polished stainless steel shell that delivers a show...
      $72.41 - $344.49

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    2001 Jeep Cherokee | Posted by Samuel | (Colorado Springs, CO)

    This exhaust sounds so awesome on my Jeep XJ! You can feel a little more umph too. I have to say, a fantastic buy, cheapest place on the Internet.

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