Jaguar Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

What is the best idea to make life easier when the trunk space on your Jaguar just isn't big enough for everything you want to transport with you in your car? CARiD have the answer for you, the proud Jag owner, with our fantastic range of roof racks and cargo carriers for all the latest and most popular Jaguar models. Whichever Jaguar you drive, you'll find a well made, well designed roof rack or cargo carrier here to suit your Jaguar and your needs, and they have been chosen from the best brands in the Jaguar accessory industry.

Whether you need your new Jaguar cargo carrier for a family vacation, road trip or just for regularly transporting things like sports gear, including surfboards and kayaks, we have a choice that includes a variety of sizes and styles for your Jaguar, including robust, weatherproof designs that will keep your possessions safe. Our Jaguar roof racks allow you to transport things like skis and snowboards easily and safely on your car, as well. Give your Jaguar some great new cargo choices and give the car some added flexibility when it comes to transporting the things that matter to you most with our fantastic selection of Jaguar roof racks and cargo carriers now!

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