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When you own a performance vehicle, you cannot help but drive it at every opportunity you get. The amount of fun and excitement it gives you means you want to have that excitement every time, which is why you need your vehicle to be running at its best. Of course, this means maintenance and replacing broken parts in time. One part you will need to replace as soon as it breaks down is your intercooler.

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The turbo on your vehicle is the source of the power you enjoy every day, but the downside is that it heats the air eventually sent to each cylinder. This is why the intercooler was invented, and it takes the hot air directly from the turbo, cools it down, and sends it to the cylinder at the right compression. It prevents the vehicle from overheating while increasing the amount of power you get from the turbo, so it is obviously a very important part of your engine.

The intercooler is a relatively complex design but it is also a light-weight object since most vehicles it is fitted to need to keep their weight down for performance. When the air enters through one end of the intercooler, directly from the turbo, it will pass over a large number of fins which causes the heat to be transferred to the front of the intercooler, closest to the exterior of the vehicle. This heat is then removed by the air entering from the atmosphere, and the now-cool air exits the intercooler and enters the cylinders. Some intercoolers will even use liquid to further cool the air, meaning you get slightly better performance.

Because your intercooler is important, you will want it to be working at its best, and because it is complex, it can run into problems. The most common problem is that the fins inside the intercooler can become brittle as they get older, and when they break off the heat is not going to be taken away from the air anywhere near as efficiently as it needs to be. Other problems include hose issues, such as breaks, as well as the intercooler becoming clogged if it is not correctly shielded from the atmosphere or has been damaged in some way.

While problems with an intercooler are rare, they can become quite serious quickly, so you need to be aware of the symptoms. One of easiest symptoms to notice is that the engine can run hotter than it did when the intercooler was working properly, and this is because it is not cooling the air as much as it needs to before it is sent to the cylinders. You may even see visual signs of damage, such as a hole, if the intercooler has been damaged by road debris, and this will obviously require a replacement.

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Nice and Cool
2007 Subaru WRX
| Posted by | (Beaufort, NC)

This intercooler is among the top best you can buy for our cars, it will come with silicone y pipe t bolt clamps and of course the intercooler, this intercooler can take whatever you throw at it and will be great for you to make some awesome power with and stay nice and cool.

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