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If you are an owner of a legendary vehicle such as the Hummer, you surely know the value of your vehicle's boldness. The Hummer has been created specially for military use and surely is an unbelievably reliable and strong vehicle. AM General began to sell a civilian version of this vehicle in 1992. The Hummer isn't the best vehicle for city driving, but it is one of the best ones for off-roading. You can be sure that these trucks and SUVs will overcome any hazard on the road. Still everything can be improved as well as your Hummer. It can have better gas mileage than it is now.

You don't have to replace any part of your vehicle to get such a result. All you need is a tonneau cover. It isn't a secret that the more air resistance a vehicle has to overcome, the harder the engine has to work, and that requires more fuel. So you don't have to do a lot to save your fuel. You just have to reduce vehicle's aerodynamic drag that can be easily made with the help of a tonneau. We offer you a tremendous array of Hummer tonneau covers made of top-notch materials by well-known brands such as TruXedo, Access, BAK, TonnoPro, and others.

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    • Truck Covers USA® Retractable American Roll Tonneau Cover
      (27 reviews)
      # 859
      Retractable American Roll Tonneau Cover by Truck Covers USA®. This all-aluminum locking tonneau cover features multiple louver pieces that form an impenetrable shell when closed and offer great flexibility with a range of open...
      $1,595.00 - $3,199.00
    • TruXedo® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
      (36 reviews)
      # 400
      Roll-Up Tonneau Cover by TruXedo®. TruXedo rollup covers are unbeatable in the one area truck owners value most: getting a lot of bang for the buck. The TruXedo rollups are affordable, practical and good looking. The straight bows...
      $289.00 - $661.00
    • Extang® Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
      (46 reviews)
      # 1311
      Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover by Extang®. Take truck usability to a new level with these tri-fold tonneau covers that are designed for easy access, ultimate security, and impenetrable protection from the elements. Each tri-fold cover...
      $389.00 - $989.00
    • Truck Covers USA® Tailgate Seal
      (3 reviews)
      # 2395755
      Universal Tailgate Seal by Truck Covers USA®. This is a roll of flexible high-grade rubber weather stripping that applies easily to seal any gaps around your pickup truck’s tailgate that normally let in dust, moisture, rain, and...
      Made from flexible and durable high-grade rubberApplies easily with self-adhesive backing
    • Truck Covers USA® Keyless Entry Handle
      (1 reviews)
      # 2395803
      Universal Keyless Entry Handle (T-317B) by Truck Covers USA®. The Keyless Entry molded plastic handle enables you to unlock and open any Truck Covers USA rolling tonneau cover with one quick pull and release of the handle. It...
      Handle piece is constructed from durable molded plasticAllows tonneau cover to be released using only one hand instead of two
    • Truck Covers USA® Chrome Handles
      (1 reviews)
      # 2395769
      Universal Chrome Handles (AX-606) by Truck Covers USA®. Replace the standard black powder coated metal handles that came standard with your Truck Covers USA tool box with elegant chrome finished ones that allow identical fitment...
      Two original specification handle assemblies are finished in chromeLocking and handle operation is identical to original equipment black handles
    • Truck Covers USA® Stainless Steel Trays
      (1 reviews)
      # 2395768
      Universal Stainless Steel Trays (AX-605) by Truck Covers USA®. This set of fitted stainless steel organizer trays replaces the standard black powder coated ones that are included with all Truck Covers USA tool boxes. Durable and...
      Set of two stainless steel trays provides a more reflective surface to find contents easier in dimly lit situationsTrays are fitted to sit securely on grooves along the top tier of your Truck Covers USA tool box
    • Truck Covers USA® Power Actuators
      (1 reviews)
      # 2395766
      Universal Power Actuators (AX-603) by Truck Covers USA®. For American Work Cover and X-Box standard size toolboxes, these actuators wire to your vehicle’s locking system and allow synchronized power locking and unlocking of your...
      Set of two power actuators that lock and unlock clamps on both sides of your toolbox lidActuators come pre-installed in the tool box from the factory
    • Truck Covers USA® Yakima Complete Rack System
      (1 reviews)
      # 2395763
      Universal Yakima Complete Rack System (AX-502/505) by Truck Covers USA®. This complete kit includes 4 control tower pieces, 4 landing pads, 4 lock cores, and 2 cross member cargo bars that allow rack style carrying of objects above...
      Pre-cut tracks are sized for your specific vehicle and install easily using included rivnuts and hardware if you are purchasing after the factKit also includes 4 landing pads and control tower pieces, 4 lock cores, and 2 cross bars
    • Truck Covers USA® Yakima Tracks Pre-Cut for Self-Install
      (1 reviews)
      # 2395762
      Universal Yakima Tracks Pre-Cut for Self-Install (AX-500-SELFINST) by Truck Covers USA®. This is a set of two track rails that mount front-to-back along the top edges of your tonneau cover frame to serve as an anchoring base for...
      Pre-cut tracks are sized for your specific vehicleInstallation is easy using rivnuts and a threadsetter gun
    • Truck Covers USA® Yakima Tracks Pre-Installed
      (1 reviews)
      # 2395761
      Universal Yakima Tracks Pre-Installed (AX-500-PREINST) by Truck Covers USA®. Order this set of two track rails at the same time you purchase any Truck Cover USA tonneau cover, and they will be mounted along the top edges of your...
      Track rails are pre-mounted to your tonneau cover frame edges before shipping*Must be purchased at the same time as your Truck Covers USA tonneau cover for pre-mounting
    • Truck Covers USA® Built-in Light Strip (with Battery)
      (0 reviews)
      # 2395767
      Universal Built-in Light Strip with Battery (AX-604) by Truck Covers USA®. This battery-powered LED light strip is three feet long and mounts on the interior of American Work Cover or X-Box tool boxes. The light switches on and off...
      Light-by-wire strip features three light emitting diode bulbsEach LED bulb output is 132 lumens, and power consumption is a low 4.6 watts
    • Truck Covers USA® American X Box Tonneau Cover
      (0 reviews)
      # 2396754
      American X Box Tonneau Cover (CR-801-XB) by Truck Covers USA®. This is a standard size tool box that mounts above tonneau cover level on pickup truck bed rails, and is designed for perfect fit with any Truck Covers USA rolling...
      Galvanized steel tool box measures 20 inches wide across the top section, 15 inches deep at the base, and 10 inches wide across the bottom sectionBlack urethane spray on coating prevents corrosion and forms a scratch-resistant protective finish
    • Truck Covers USA® American Roll White Tonneau Cover
      (1 reviews)
      # 2396753
      American Roll White Tonneau Cover (CR-801-W) by Truck Covers USA®. The American Roll Cover is designed to custom fit your truck bed, and has been engineered to adapt to roll bars and to accommodate both factory and aftermarket...
      Strong, robust structure with double walled sectionsLow profile lid
    • Truck Covers USA® American Work Jr. White Tonneau Cover
      (0 reviews)
      # 2396752
      American Work Jr. White Tonneau Cover (CR-801-TBJ-W) by Truck Covers USA®. Includes a smaller 10” x 5.5” galvanized steel tool box that mounts above the bed, and an all-aluminum tonneau cover with multiple louver pieces that...
      Galvanized steel tool box measures 10 inches x 5.5 inchesTool box installs above the level of the tonneau cover and can be accessed independently

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    Americans love to have choices. Buying a dress shirt? Decide solid or stripe, short or long sleeve, cotton or poly blend, button or spread collar, regular fit, slim fit, or big & tall. How about a meal at your favorite steak house? Will it be porterhouse, T-bone, or sirloin? Cooked rare, medium-rare, or medium? With baked, mashed, or French fried potatoes? Thirsty...
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    The product looks good, keeps water out and over time will save on fuel.

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