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    Want your Hummer to stand out of the crowd? Still bothering your head how to add some extra coolness and get a really gorgeous look for your car? Then installing Hummer H1 lights is just what you need. And great news for you is that you shouldn’t go any further as CARiD is proud to offer you a great assortment of the finest lights for Hummers. Upgrade you truck quickly and easily. Browse our site and find everything for your Hummer H1 at one place.

    Whether you want to get new amazing tail lights, headlights, unique LED lights, exciting off-road lights or good-looking car bulbs, we are happy and ready to help you. All sets of lights we deliver are of ultimate quality and will definitely give you better visibility and a greater level of comfort you deserve. They function seamlessly and respond faster than any regular bulbs, boasting an excellent functionality. Besides, there is a great choice of styles to choose from. Just have a look at the kits available and decide which one will satisfy your needs and fit your taste. It’s all up to you what color and what kind of lights to mount on your vehicle to make it look awesome!

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    Hummer H1 Goes to the South Pole
    Hummer H1 Goes to the South Pole

    Zero South, a tuning company that popped out at the 2008 SEMA, decided to make a glorious comeback this year. This time, they brought a modified Hummer H1.

    The ride sits on Mattracks Track drive system that is capable of traveling through any terrain. First, the monster's engine has been changed to a 3.2L Steyr Monoblock turbodiesel. Yet in the very last minute the heart was transplanted, and now the Hummer is powered by a 4-cylinder Volkswagen engine. The new engine acts like a generator that powers four electric motors. Each motor powers individual track it is coupled to. The vehicle is equipped with Electrovaya Dual eight-module lithium HEV packs with cold weather kit, which ensures the car will start even when the temperature falls below the zero line.

    The H1 will star in a 3D documentary that will be shot by Chris Paine (best known for the Who Killed the Electric Car? film). The documentary will be titled Drive Around the World, and it'll be a part of the project aimed at fund-raising for various charities. The project also includes a two-year education tour across the United States, in which children will be able to climb the vehicle that drove through the South Pole and experience a virtual expedition.