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    Custom Billet Grilles for Honda Ridgeline
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    Honda Ridgeline Grills command a striking amount of attention as we shine the spotlight on the largest in-demand selection available just for you! Featuring heavyweights like E&G Classics®, Lund, Grillcraft®, T-Rex, and SES Trims, the top-quality Honda Ridgeline Grill that detonates with unrivaled style is now within your grasp. Billet Grilles and Mesh Grilles are always the weapons of choice, giving you a plethora of design options to choose from. Each an ironclad OEM fit comprised of the highest-grade materials on the face of the Earth. That should be enough to make anyone do a double-take! A custom Honda Ridgeline Grill highlights the scorching presence this midsize is famous for. So why wait? We’ll give you what you want! View our inventory today and make the decision that changes your ride’s profile forever!

    Whether you're cruising around the neighborhood or speeding up on the highway, a proper billet grille is the front-end accessory which makes you noticeable. Attention-grabbing and bold, billet grilles promise extraordinary look and exquisite style that instantly separate you from the crowd. They are manufactured from stellar materials, such as everlasting stainless steel and aluminum, using technologies of tomorrow to ensure precise fit and timeless service. Compare over 15 billet grille reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and define the accessory that offers the style and quality you need.

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    The grille on your car or truck is its most distinctive feature, and the first thing people notice when you’re coming down the road. In fact, the grille on some vehicles is so recognizable that most car buffs can tell the make and model with just a glance. Words like like billet, mesh, punch and CNC may confuse you while choosing a grille. Read on to navigate...
    If you’re shopping for a different grille for your car or truck, you’ve probably come across terms like “replacement”, “insert”, and “overlay”, and wondered what they mean. As the name implies, an overlay grille installs over your existing grille. The insert grille replaces the main part of your existing grille, it “inserts” into the grille...

    Customer Reviews
    2010 Honda Ridgeline
    Posted by

    "I really like the clean look of the black mesh, and the CARiD price was fair with quick delivery. The grille of the 2010 Ridgeline is held in by quick connect pins that have to be removed. One at the battery box has to be pushed out and lost. Cutting out the old grille is required (point of no return), and be careful not to take the paint off the back side of the new grille when drilling the screw holes for the new connecting tabs."

    2008 Honda Ridgeline
    Posted by

    "The Chrome Small Mesh Grille I received was a very good item that pleased not only me (I received two comments from friends). The installation was nearly impossible on my 2008 Honda Ridgeline, not because of the product but because it is nearly impossible to get my hands at it even after removing the top and bottom splash guards. Now you should have had the item installed by a professional. Be advised. Item outstanding."

    2007 Honda Ridgeline
    Posted by

    "Wow what a difference in appearance! When were honeycomb grills ever in style,and also on our 06 F150?Both are stock grills got the boot. The MX Steel Mesh is nice, as it is not as common like the billet grills. Haven't seen one localy here yet. Can't stop looking at my grill."

    2009 Honda Ridgeline
    Posted by

    "Installed the upper and lower grill on a Honda Ridgeline. It looks absolutely awesome. Takes time to remove the bumper/old grill of the Ridgeline, but otherwise very worth it. The price here on CARiD is better than GrillCraft."

    2009 Honda Ridgeline
    Posted by

    "The insert is a top notch in quality. I've chosen the black insert and it fits perfectly. It looks grand and is a major improvement over the OEM grill. I must caution you however that to remove the grill and cut out the OEM section to add the new Grillcraft insert, you must remove the intire lower front end of the truck. There are no instructions from Grillcraft on how to do this, so you are on your own. It's worth the effort, but be prepared to spend 3 hours minimum. Good luck!"

    Honda Ridgeline was available in the following models:
    RT • RTL • RTS • RTX • EX-L • LX • DX • VP • Sport • Touring • SE