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    Founded in 1915 in Ohio, General Tire was purchased by German tire manufacturer Continental AG in 1987, and remains part of Continental’s American operations today. Because Continental focused on the higher end of the tire market, it sought General Tire for its long-standing record of producing quality products with value. Today, engineering expertise gained from its parent company along with long-standing involvement in off-road racing allows General to offer modern tire technology in high-performance.

    "A smarter tire for a smarter driver" is General's slogan, and for good reason. General Tires feature thoughtful touches that allow you to easily see when a tire is becoming worn down or wearing unevenly from misalignment. As the tire becomes worn, embossed letters that read “Replacement Tire Monitor” wear strategically to simply read “Replace Tire”. If a vehicle's wheel alignment is off, shallow grooved marks on both sides of each tire's tread will wear quickly.

    • GENERAL® - GRABBER Tires on Ford Trophy Truck
    • GENERAL® - Tires on Trophy Truck
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER Tires on Toyota FJ Cruiser
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER AT2 Tires on International Harvester Scout II
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER AT2 Tires on Chevy Blazer
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER Tires on Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER Tires on Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER AT Tires on Land Rover Defender
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER Tires on Jeep Wrangler
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER Tires on Chevy Trophy Truck
    • GENERAL® - GRABBER Tires on Ford F150
    • GENERAL® - ALTIMAX ARCTIC Tires on Car

    If you seek ride comfort and low road noise for your car, light truck, or van, General has what you need with tires featuring modern sound wave suppression technology on tread designs created to harmonically cancel out vibration and tire noise. Additionally, "Twin Cushion Silica" tread compound comprised of unique high and low density treads delivers ride comfort second to none. If you need tires for the trail, General has a tire selection ranging from severely deep “summer-only” tread to civilized on-road mix. Pure performance tires are available as well for those seeking maximum skid pad adherence.

    CARiD's web site has been set up to automatically guide you in the tire buying process for your vehicle whether you're looking for same-size replacement tires or considering upgrading tires and rims to a larger size. To find General tires available for your specific vehicle, select your make, model, and year. You'll notice a range of sizes appear on the left (anywhere from 13 inches to 24 inches in diameter for example). When you're ready, choose your current size or browse from other diameter sizes that will typically fit on your vehicle. Next, you have the option of narrowing down your search further with preferences of all-season, summer, or winter tread designs. Then, you can choose between tires with tread designs optimized for types of driving: performance, all-terrain, or economy.

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    2000 Chevy Cavalier
    | Posted by | (Freehold, NJ)

    These tires are awesome. Hands down the best in rain, even deep puddles it's like riding on rails.

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    Understanding Tires

    There is a lot of information on the sidewall of a tire. Typically, you'll find UTQG ratings for treadwear, traction and temperature, the size of the tire, the load rating index number with a speed rating index, the construction type (bias or radial), the D.O.T. compliance code, and construction details. On some tires used as original equipment, you may also find a marking that indicates its OE status.

    Understanding Tires

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